Top Ten Things Mario Has But Sonic and Pac-Man Don't

The Top Ten
1 Cereal Boxes

Wait what? Mario have Cereal products back in the day? That very interesting. I wonder how they taste.

2 Comics

Yes Mario fans, Mario had comics back in the day so that means Sonic, Mega Man, AND Mario have comics. And if you think I'm lieing, look them up.

3 Board Games

Mario have Video games and board games. Odd yet interesting.

4 Sports Games

Top 10 greatest Mario sports games of all time

Top 1 - Mario Kart 64 (mainly due to the graphics, level backgrounds, the music, the tracks, the power-ups, the voice acting and the high nostalgia level. This video game is actual platinum! ). 100+/100 stars.

Top 2 - Super Mario Kart. 100/100 stars.

Top 3 - Mario Kart: Super Circuit. 99/100 stars.

Top 4 - F-1 Race (Game Boy), mainly due to the graphics, music and Mario being in Western Canada). 92/100 stars.

Top 5 - Mario's Tennis. 91/100 stars.

Top 6 - Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. 90/100 stars. This dance sensation is very inspiring.

Top 7 - NES Open Tournament Golf (Princess Peach ruined the title screen, though, but the rest of the game is gold). 88/100 stars.

Top 8 - Tennis (both versions, especially the Game Boy version). 87/100 stars.

Top 9 - Golf (both versions, especially the Game Boy version) 85/100 stars.

Top 10 - Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2028 ...more

Sonic had Tennis
Mega Man had Soccor
Pac-Man had party games
Mario had also most every sport in one game or two games.

5 Better Party Games

The first three Mario Party games are excellent!

The GamaCube/GBA Mario Party games are a letdown.

The Wii/DS/3DS/Wii you Mario Party installments are a disaster.

The underrated arcade Mario Party games by Capcom are very mediocre.

Sonic Shuffle sucks and Pac-Man Party sucks. I was never into the Mario Party games but at least I can stand them.

Mario party's are amazing!

6 An Anime

Sonic soon had two animes. The OVA Sonic movie was great and Sonic X... Was okay to me. But Mario had animes before Sonic and how where they? They were horrible and lazy.

Learn what Anime is. They're clearly not even close to being anime...

7 A Live Action Movie

And we all know how the movie ended up, terrible.

8 A Dancing Video Game

Let's hope there would also be a Dance Dance Revolution Sonic Mix.

9 The Super Smash Bros. Series

Ain't it nice of Mario leting Sonic and Pac-Man join in the battle so he can beat the crap out of them? Sonic is faster then Mario sooo... Good luck fighting the blue blur Mario.

Mario and SOnic on smash bros make best duo. Sonic faster but Mario has stronger smash attacks!

On the SSBB tier list Mario is lower than Sonic so Sonic's more powerful.

10 Better Games

They are actually harder games.

The Contenders
11 Nintendo Power
12 Better RPGs

Paper Mario the Thpousand Year door and Paper Mario! In my opinion! Enough Said! In my opinion!

13 Kid friendliness

You know that Super Mario RPG made a pretty massive innuendo about Peach hiding something suggestive, right?

14 Fireballs
15 A Crossover with Scribblenauts Unlimited
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