Best Super Noodles Flavors


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1 Chicken

The chicken is the best kfc for me everyday yes it has a goood good contradict net to it which enables a good taste.

Wiggle wiggle dar dar wiggle haha lololool yo yo in that ting like singing one of a thing hardy her juncos

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2 Southern Fried Chicken

I love, it has that taste which lingers in yo mouth

Ya Bruv totally agree with u that taste has a bare nice feeling u no what I'm saying homie. The ting which surpluses to it such as that flavour ting is the good stuff.

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3 Bacon

Bacon is like racon to me fulfilling that stuff from Jamaican

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4 Beef

Allow this one fam its bare nice brave don't diss me yh and say the others are better because u no that ain't true

5 Curry

Very appetising very traditional and most of all it has a classic taste good for anyone to enjoy

No brah I don't play like that yh curry is good its awesome its just tingling with flavours so please if u go to de shops buy curry it what us Indians like

6 Masala Curry

Best of all.

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