Top 10 Super Paper Mario Music Tracks


The Top Ten

1 The Ultimate Show

What do you get when you mix the three greatest soundtracks in the game with improvements to match the awesomeness that is Super Dimentio? The Ultimate Show!

One word. Dimentio.

2 Castle Bleck
3 It's Showtime

So fast-paced, hard to keep up with, but something about it is just too good. I also like Dimentio as a character. - Garythesnail

4 Champion of Destruction

Count Bleck's awesome theme. Bleck is awesome and so he deserves an awesome theme. - Garythesnail

A very good character theme, definitely compared to most character themes in most games. - Solacress

5 Closing Battle
6 Francis Battle

This one is so strange it's great - Solacress

7 Brobot Battle
8 Floro Sapien Caverns
9 I'm Not Nice
10 Staff Credits

The Contenders

11 Bowser Battle
12 A Powerful Enemy Emerges

It's an awesome theme and it really motivates you and moves the battle along SO well!

13 Promise

Just beautiful. The Ultimate Show is sort of overrated - whilst it is quite frankly awesome and dramatic, this one really gets to your heart. It's a blend of Memory (Timpani's/Tippi's theme), Champion of Destruction (Blumiere's/Bleck's theme), and Soft Light (near-end-of-chapter-before-getting-Pure-Heart theme.) This is just perfect for the scene - Memory was already truly emotional but couple that with the hope and caring induced by Soft Light and that's just all too saddening. And that's even before we have the happy, slower remix of Champion of Destruction - it represents Bleck giving up evil and becoming good once more and reminds us that, in spite of his actions, he is not evil after all. Played at a perfect moment too - it really got to me when Tippi said that, no matter what if, we don't give up our hope will lead us forward, and O'Chunk's plead of loyalty was really nice. I think this is a bit overshadowed by Bounding Through Time - that track is good too (the two tracks are ...more

14 The River Twygz

This song is terrifying...

15 Merlee's Mansion

Listening to it right now. - TopTener

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