Top Ten Super Powers That Have Downsides


The Top Ten

1 Invisibility

People would run into you left and right - QuarterGuysApprentice

Most powers have downsides - Martinglez

2 Heat Vision

Imagine the eye strain - QuarterGuysApprentice

3 Immortality

Everyone yoy know would...well, you get it - QuarterGuysApprentice

4 Ice Breath

It would especially suck in winter - QuarterGuysApprentice

5 Telekinises

Your brain might start hurting - QuarterGuysApprentice

6 Self-Duplication

Clone fights. enough said - QuarterGuysApprentice

7 Underwater Breathing

You might get caught by fisherman - QuarterGuysApprentice

8 Super Speed

Walls can always show up - QuarterGuysApprentice

9 Controlled Mutation (like Hulk)

It could gow horribly awry in many ways - QuarterGuysApprentice

10 Animal Communication

Everyone will think your crazy - QuarterGuysApprentice

The Contenders

11 Mind Reading

Super hero with this power: There's my boyfriend/girlfriend
boyfriend/girlfriend: (Thinking) I hate my girlfriend/boyfriend
SHWTP: Darn it! Hey, do you love me, boyfriend/girlfriend
boyfriend/girlfriend: Yah, y not
SHWTP: LYAR - AnonymousChick

12 Time Travel

To be honest, I'd used time travel/freezing time solely to sleep or study more. or to use it Hermione-style. But... if ya mess up... Project Almanac can take it from there... - keycha1n

13 Teleportation
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