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21 Galaxia Darkness (Meta Knight)

Hey, the guy second to the bottom doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. How do you know what Meta Knight looks like? First of all, he conceals his face with a mask. Second of all, you are probably just a troll trying to bash Meta Knight because you're jealous of how badass he is. Bottom line is screw you man!

This can KILL YOU IMMEDIATELY! You have 90%, and you're caught. There is no way out. You have only one life left. Now you know you've just been screwed.

When your opponent has tons of damage, guess what? You can kill them with your final smash.

Really great

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22 Light Arrow (Zelda)

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten any votes. If you lay it right you can kill everyone.

So Easy to get the Smash Ball for one laugh out loud. Damage your opponet a little (20-40%) and then use this...99.9% Chance of a K.O.

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23 Diffusion Beam (R.O.B.)
24 Iceberg (Ice Climbers)
25 Cook Kirby (Kirby)

Super easy to dodge but still my favorite final smash.

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26 Peach Blossom (Princess Peach)

Why is this on here? When the other players wake up there is a load of food. And when they are asleep in the middle of the final smash they don't even sleep for long!

It should be no. 10 at least. It does moderate damage, buys you some time and heals you. USEFUL!

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27 Palutena's Army (Pit)

I love this final smash so much I play as Pit almost all the time. When Pit calls up to the heavens for Palutena and then the Centurions come flying and attacking your enemies. He is so cool, awesome, and funny. I play as Pit all time for reasons I won't say.

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28 Ultra Sword (Kirby)
29 Mega Smash (Mii Brawler)
30 Omnislash (Cloud)
31 Puff Up (Jigglypuff)
32 Waddle Dee Army (King Dedede)
33 Onion of love

Shrek isn't even a playable character - aarond90

Shrek's final smash is my personal favorite.

34 Konga Beat (Donkey Kong)

The worst final smash in history.

No way, one of the epic ones! At least it's better than falling asleep and getting peaches!

35 Mega Man Legends (Mega Man)
36 Doctor Finale (Dr. Mario)

It's a clone smash, but it's cool

37 Suit Up (Zero Suit Samus)

Not that bad pretty good

38 Laser Eyes (ROB) V 1 Comment
39 Dream Home (Villager)

Um, may I just say:

The villager's final smash is awesome. He has Tom Nook build a house around the opponent, but puts a bomb secretly inside it. The new resident and Tom Nook are sent flying away due to the explosion.

It does decent, but it looks stupid.

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40 Grand Star (Rosalina)

She's obviously the best and the only if she falls it still works. Plus its amazing and can hit people from a wide range wether in the air or not. Oh and person who said Rosalina should be on the best character list is exactly right. I don't know how to add on that list tooo. Vote for her on this and for best

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