Top Ten Best Super Smash Bros Moves

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1 Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon)

If you hit at Right times then its can be one hit,still captain falcon is not the best

Hard to pull it off but if you DO pull it off it gets good results! - HeavyDonkeyKong

You can get KO ed by 70% damage by Falcon Punch

Booo this fighter sucks this move is overrated

2 Copy (Kirby)

This Move isn't good itself, but the copy ability is what makes Kirby different from other characters.

You can get any move that is neutral B.This includes the legendary FALCON PAWNCH!

3 Super Jump Punch (Luigi)

Wowie that feeling you get after you pull the move off - Pizzaboy456

IF you hit your opponent just right it's a much bette rmove than Marios. - HeavyDonkeyKong

4 Monado Arts (Shulk)

I was doing classic mode with someone and at the bonus game, before I started running, I used my speed monado

5 Fire Hydrant (Pac-Man)

Number 1 'Troll' Move - Pizzaboy456

6 Wario Waft (Wario)

A fart? How can anything beat a fart? - Pizzaboy456

7 Rest (Jigglypuff)

Killed by getting sleeped on😳 - Pizzaboy456

8 Down B Taunt (Luigi)

This Move is what makes Luigi the most bad*** player ever - Pizzaboy456

9 Triforce Slash (Link)
10 Omnislash (Cloud)
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11 Ultra Sword (Kirby)
12 Crash Bomber (Megaman)

A gooey bomb you can throw unlimited times.. - Pizzaboy456

13 Warlock Punch (Ganondorf)

Falcon Ounch but more powerful and strong (takes 3 seconds to pull off) - Pizzaboy456

14 Great Aether (Ike)
15 Counter (Various)

I couldn't have even beaten Master Fortress without this move. A must - Pizzaboy456

16 Side Taunt (Shulk)

It's honestly so broken, I stopped playing smash because of it!

We have yet to see someone master this move.

taunts don;t count

17 Up Tilt (Mega Man)
18 Aether (Ike)
19 Wolf Flash (Wolf)

then explain why I fall off so much when using it

20 Judge (Mr. Game & Watch)
21 Up Smash (Mega Man)
22 Up Air Stab (Link)
23 Knee of Justice (Captain Falcon)
24 Diving Helmet Headbutt (Mr. Game and Watch)
25 Zero Laser (Samus)
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