Top Ten Super Smash Bros Rumors

These are rumors all the way back to the first game! (These had to be false. No ssb4 leaks! ) The time constraints rumor from all the games are allowed.

The Top Ten

1 Unlocking Sonic and Tails (Melee)

Whoever leaked this must of worked hard. It's the most infamous of the franchise. - GGaming

2 Unlocking Toad (Melee)

Even though it's sooo unbelivable, it still got a few people. Including me. I mean, Jeez! There are still people TODAY who believe it! - GGaming

3 Unlocking Geno (Brawl)

Geno is a very popular character. It got a lot of people stirring. - GGaming

4 Artificial Intelligence (Brawl)

This made fans very upset, as they thought it could "cheat". - GGaming

5 Tower of Smash (Smash 4)

That would have been interesting. Instead we got Crazy Orders. Oh well. - GGaming

It actually sound like a cool mode!

6 Unlocking Non-Playable Characters (Smash 1)

Master Hand, Metal Mario, Giant DK and Fighting Polygon. Nice. - GGaming

7 Capcom Five Campaign (Brawl)

Megaman was believed to originally be in Brawl, but was left out due to Nintendo's anger on the Capcom Five Campaign. This rumor has not been comfirmed or denied. - GGaming

8 Gematsu (Smash 4)

I'm glad this leak was debunked when Robin and Lucina were announced.

This lucky twat managed to predict most of the newcomers, but was debunked when Chrom was discomfirmed as a character. - GGaming

9 Palutena rumor (Smash 4)

These two pictures started to be noticed late January 2014. When Palutena was announced in the E3 2014 event, the two models looked VERY similar. It was later announced false by the leaker himself. - GGaming

10 Unlocking Ridley (Brawl)

The Contenders

11 Vote For Quote (Smash 4)
12 The Secret Seven (Ultimate)

Here's a Smash Ultimate leak on Twitter saying that Shadow (Sonic), Ken Masters (Street Fighter), Isaac (Golden Sun), Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven), Geno (Super Mario RPG), Mach Rider (...Mach Rider...) and Banjo-Kazooie (...Banjo-Kazooie...) were on a "Everyone is Here" banner. It's pretty hard to fake, so he COULD have been telling the truth...
All because of the Grinch...

13 Ness/Jigglypuff rumor (Smash 4)

The models looked real. It got me. I admit. It was later comfirmed false by Nintendo. - GGaming

14 Ganondorf/Palutena shipping (Ultimate)

Just because they were on a Spirit Mode stage boss together doesn't mean crap
(I still ship them though! )

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