Best Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3ds Final Smashes

The Top Ten

1 Black Hole Laser (Palutena)
2 Super Sonic (Sonic)
3 Mega Legends (Mega Man)

Almost all megaman together in one final smash! this final smash has so much history behind it, it means sooo much! it has to be the best!

4 Night Slash (Greninja)
5 Gunship (Zero Suit Samus)
6 Ultra Sword (Kirby)

An improvement on Cook Kirby. Plus, about time they gave Return to Dream Land some credit for being the BEST Kirby game there is. - Garythesnail

7 Great Aether (Ike)
8 Dual Strike (Robin)
9 Three Sacred Treasures (Pit)
10 Blue Falcon (Captain Falcon)

The Contenders

11 Zero Laser (Samus)
12 Zapper Posse (Duck Hunt Duo)
13 Beatdown (Mii Brawler)
14 End Of Day (Olimar)
15 Power Pellet (Pac-Man)
16 Mega Evolution (Charizard)
17 Omnislash (Cloud)
18 Shoryuken (Ryu)
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