Top 10 Battles In Super Smash Mobs

The Top Ten
1 Skeleton vs. Enderman

Two words: Tryhard war. The Skeleton has a very strong ranged attack, Barrage, and has Bone Explosion to keep the Enderman at bay. The Enderman has a ranged move with insane knockback, and its recovery move, Blink, passes through arrows. It's very likely that the winner will have one or two lives remaining.

Skeletons hate melee and will constantly move to get away from you.

Endermen love melee and will constantly move to get close to you.

So, it would be a very large chasing game.

2 Skeleton vs. Iron Golem

The Iron Golem is like the Skeleton's punching bag. The Skeleton is like the Iron Golem's chew toy. Watch as the Skeleton is thrown all over the place, and the Iron Golem is tanking numerous hits.

3 Enderman vs. Chicken

If the Enderman lands a hit, it's all over. But that's easier said than done. The Chicken will be flapping everywhere, bombarding the Enderman with Egg Blasters and Chicken Missiles, while making itself impossible to hit.

4 Sky Squid vs. Creeper

This battle is all about brains (not you, Zombie kit!). The Sky Squid will have to use both of its attacks wisely. Ink Shotgun will give the Creeper a Lightning Shield, making it immune to attacks, while Sky Squid has a long cooldown and is vulnerable to Explode. The Creeper's Sulphur Bomb is unlikely to hit due to the Sky Squid's small hitbox. Also, Explode can easily be dodged by the Sky Squid.

5 Iron Golem vs. Pig

Two tank-like classes. Let's begin. The Iron Golem can easily fling the Pig around, while the Pig can spam attacks on the Iron Golem. But things really heat up when the Pig activates its passive ability, Nether Pig. Nether Pig turns you into a Zombie Pigman when below six health, which also gives you full iron armor, Speed I, and 33% less energy consumption.

6 Skeleton vs. Zombie

Although Skeleton favors ranged combat and Zombie excels in melee combat, don't forget they are both the only bow kits in the game. Skeleton is weak on its feet when facing melee combat, and Zombie must have perfect aim to land a devastating blow. They both share qualities with each other, making for an insane battle.

7 Skeletal Horse vs. Chicken

Skeletal Horse can land some pretty devastating blows, but the Chicken will flap around then immobilize the Skeletal Horse with Egg Blaster. The Chicken will try to stay as far away as possible, so be warned!

8 Chicken vs. Sir Sheep

The two hardest classes to obtain in the game, they do have a decent matchup against each other. Although Sir Sheep has more ranged options, the Chicken will stay up close and dodge in the air. Sir Sheep has one of the worst aerial games in Super Smash Mobs, but Chicken has terrible stats.

9 Invisible Chicken vs Kermit

I love the Kermit kit. It's so OP. But the invisible chicken is too, so it would be really fun to watch!

10 Snowman vs. Magma Cube

Like the Chicken, the Magma Cube will make itself hard to hit. However, the Snow Golem's Blizzard will immobilize the Magma Cube, similar to the Chicken's Egg Blaster.

The Contenders
11 Blaze vs. Blaze

This gets infuriating very quickly. Inferno was made to not hurt yourself, but it got "bugged" and will now not hurt other Blazes, so there will be only Attack and Firefly as offensive options.

12 Magma vs. Iron Golem
13 Good Magma vs. Good Chicken

People hate both of these kits, so seeing good ones fight one another would be fun.

14 Fat Creeper vs. Fried Chicken

At first, it seems pretty even, but as the battle continues, you realize the high IQ fried chicken player knows that all he needs to do is deep-fry the fat to win. Highly fun battle to watch.

15 Ender Titan vs. Jafar Gatekeeper of the Abyss
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