Top 10 Super Street Fighter 4 Characters

The Top Ten

1 Ryu Ryu Ryu is a video game player character created by Capcom, the protagonist of the Street Fighter series.

If you guys actually played this game, you would remember that Seth was easily defeated by M. Bison. And Juri claimed Seth was that weak. Ryu should be number 1.

2 Ken

The absolute strongest character (even powerful then Seth) in the game! - nytrizzle

Ken is karate master in red uniform and blond hair. Good art to film street fighter. The Ken to game street fighter I, II, I, II, werry speed fighter.

3 Akuma Akuma

Akuma is much more badass than ryu why is he the 5th on this list he should be number 1

Akuma is a powerful character. He use a balanced variety of moves

Number 1 number 1 NUMBER 1! That is all I have to say - favouredlist314

4 Sakura

I LOVE her... She's a classic...

5 Juri

Juri is the best street fighter character ever. - TekkenMaster

6 Seth

Seth is magician fighter, he power is grandmasters and system fighter. He is understand space.

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7 Cammy

The 2nd female of street fighter a former shadloo agent and now a red delta agent

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8 Ibuki
9 Sagat Sagat
10 Vega

The Contenders

11 Dee Jay
12 Dudley

Easy to use and balanced

13 Gen

He is legend films and games street fighter, Gen is sencei to Hon Fu, legend asian street fighter woman. Gen is long hair and me mystical power.

14 El Fuerte
15 E.Honda
16 Makoto
17 Hakan V 2 Comments
18 Gouken

He is U.F.O. big fighter and magic master. He style is cybernet, goo

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19 Chun Li
20 Crimson Viper

Love her gadgets and flaming kick is really usful and I love her super

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