Top 10 Supercell Games


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1 Clash Of Clans

Been playing this game for 6 years it is my favorite IOS game of all time!

One of the best games which I played. Interesting game.

When I am started this I haven't liked it much but after 2 weeks it became my favourite game

Better than clash royale for sure

2 Brawl Stars

It is better than clash of clans

I feel Brawl stars is the best, I love playing with friends. It is much more social than Clash Royale. Also this game as unlimited potential, more characters, game modes etc. I hope they make some more end game content and a system that makes being in a club more valueable (not a war, that would be to repeteive from other Supercell games and real time action wars can be a little bit hard (not a war like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans)). Finally this game has been rolling out updates with great content in less than one month repeatedly, keeping the game new and fresh!

This game is amazing. Fun to play with friends, by yourself, whatever! Lots of potential and only destined to grow even more from here!

This is the best especially when your top one hundred on the leaderboards

3 Boom Beach

Excellent game

This is only supercell game, that worth playing. It's kinda rip-off of "Battle Islands" by 505 games, but still good!
Not so long upgrading time, as in CoC. Gems easlier obtain, portaits are better.
GJ, supercell. - ---ChargedZircon---

4 Hay Day

I love this game it is so fun

It so fun and awesome the best game ever

5 Clash Royale

Only straight people vote for Clash Royale.

I've played all the supercell games and this is my favorite.

Best game ever

It is one of the bes games ever, just fight and get trophies

6 Smash Land

Best in Graphics and in the game and best characters

7 Spooky Pop

I don't know a lot about this game,but it is a supercell game so,yeah...

8 Overwatch

It has its own porn category

Widow is THICC

9 Pubg
10 Brawl Star

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11 Gugu's Näset Hide and Seek
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