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1 Clash Of Clans

This is the best game ever created

This game is Great! 100% worth playing! - micahisthebest

I get lots of hate, becauce of this comment, but I don't care.
It's most "pay2win" game by greediest company ever. Pay or die! Build time - unreal! 2 days for upgrading town hall (To 515 levels)! It's sounds crazy, yes? Ok... You can just pay money to get "green gems" and say good bye to this insane time building.
How about talk about "gameplay"? No strategy requed, just mass units, they controlled by very simple AI. Create units and go! No strategy and micro requed. JUST MASS IN 1 POINT!
Abilities? Yes this game has. Use it to units, that you massed in 1 point if it's buff, and to buildings if it's offensive! Strategy to use it? NO!
You would say I don't played this game, but I played it. It's very overrated and fanbase conjuered youtube by making ALL videos in "trending" page about this game. Game, wih poor lack of gameplay, that are also "pay2win"...
Conclusion: #GreenGems. Yes, the units and abilities here take much time to train, but you can pay to us and have it ...more - ---ChargedZircon---

2 Boom Beach

This is only supercell game, that worth playing. It's kinda rip-off of "Battle Islands" by 505 games, but still good!
Not so long upgrading time, as in CoC. Gems easlier obtain, portaits are better.
GJ, supercell. - ---ChargedZircon---

3 Hay Day
4 Clash Royale

It is no.4 because the list is created so much earlier before the game is out, this choice didn't even exist before

This should be number 2 because it is better than boom beach and hay day

Should be number two, it is probably the newest supercell game

Clash Royale is my favorite game - DanielMingi

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5 Brawl Stars

Better than Hay Day, that's for sure - CheesyNachos

I don't heard of this, but if it's made by supercell, it's "pay2win".
Rule №65: Game by supercell? - It's "pay2win"! - ---ChargedZircon---

The only Supercell game that isn’t pay2win. I’m a top US player atm and f2p

6 Smash Land
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