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1 Clash Of Clans

It is best game I have ever played. It is lite and graphic are also good.

I have been playing for 4 years and still love it!

There is only 12 levels not 515 stupid

This is very interested game I play every time

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2 Boom Beach

This is only supercell game, that worth playing. It's kinda rip-off of "Battle Islands" by 505 games, but still good!
Not so long upgrading time, as in CoC. Gems easlier obtain, portaits are better.
GJ, supercell. - ---ChargedZircon---

3 Hay Day

It so fun and awesome the best game ever

4 Brawl Stars

I feel Brawl stars is the best, I love playing with friends. It is much more social than Clash Royale. Also this game as unlimited potential, more characters, game modes etc. I hope they make some more end game content and a system that makes being in a club more valueable (not a war, that would be to repeteive from other Supercell games and real time action wars can be a little bit hard (not a war like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans)). Finally this game has been rolling out updates with great content in less than one month repeatedly, keeping the game new and fresh!

It is so much better than their other games, and with different modes. Love it.

Thank you supercell very cool

Brawl stars is number 1

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5 Clash Royale

It's the best supercell game EVER.

This should be two no doubt

Pornelius Hubert

Great game

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6 Smash Land
7 Fortnite
8 Coolness
9 Pubg
10 Flappy Bird Flappy Bird


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11 Big Show

Best www player

12 C.A.T.S

Lot's of things to do on this game! Earn gems by watching their live battles and the promo code to redeem gems is just inside! You don't need to spend money buying gems.Can fight,make your own gang,has gang fights, city kings, have another mode of the game.Tournaments and chats! Awesome game!

13 Pubg Mobile


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