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1 Superman vs General Zod

This fight looked like it was ripped out of a Superman comic book. The super fast flight based combat was amazing and it had me on the edge of my seat.

Great no wonder his number 3 best superhero in history 2 of course spiderman and dominating the list at number 1 is my favourite BATMAN. - BATMAN456789

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2 Captain America vs Iron Man V 1 Comment
3 Batman vs Superman
4 Thor vs Silver Surfer
5 Iron Man vs Aldrich Killian

This list really sucks. It should be number 1 Thor vs ironman vs captain America then number two Thor vs Loki then three should be iron man vs Aldrich killian four should be hulk vs Loki aka which is the funniest one ( if you don't know, watch the avengers, hulk smashes Loki on the ground five times because Loki said he is something ((aka I forget)) which is to funny, watch video on utube, hulk smash Loki)

I think that iron man, thor, loki, and wolverine are the best superheroes! 1

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6 Doga vs Super Commando Dhruv
7 Tiranga vs Doga
8 Parmanu vs Shakti
9 Green Lantern (Hal Zordan) vs Justice League
10 Black Bolt vs Gladiator

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11 Hulk vs Abomination

CRAZY BATTLE it was the true test for hulk.

12 Captain America vs Red Skull V 1 Comment
13 Captain America vs Loki
14 Green Lantern vs Parallax
15 Wolverine vs Magneto
16 Spiderman vs Sandmam

Spider-Man all the way

17 Batman vs Joker
18 Spiderman vs Green Goblin
19 The Avengers vs Loki
20 Spiderman vs. Electro
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