Top Ten Superhero Fights That Would Be Amazing In Movies

I don’t have a very vast list of superheroes. Only very popular ones that I’m sure everyone has heard of. If it doesn’t seem logical, then please no hate, it would just be awesome to see certain superheroes with the same powers and abilites fight. Note: this is not based on logic.
Of course we may have wanted DC and Marvel to collab or make the coolest superheroes fight which would make the movies spectacular. But here are the Top Ten Superhero Fights That Would Be Amazing In Movies.

The Top Ten

1 Wonder Woman vs Captain America Wonder Woman vs Captain America

Their movies were incredibly similar. I mean, INCREDIBLY similar. Almost the same plot in a way. I think this battle of the two shield wielding savages would really be an entertaining battle. Even though Wonder Woman is practically immortal, Captain America may have to put down his shield but wait, that hasn’t stopped him from fighting immortal beings. - NightJinx

2 Thor vs Superman Thor vs Superman

Just imagine how amazing that would be. I would watch that fight for days and never get bored. Yea yea I know, they both can fly and are sorta mostly immortal but STILL - NightJinx

3 Quick Silver vs the Flash Quick Silver vs the Flash

At this point I’m just putting people with the same powers and abilities to fight but it would still be awesome. If this was in a movie, you wouldn’t be able to see most of it since it’s happening so fast. - NightJinx

4 Thanos vs Hulk Thanos vs Hulk

I know, I know, Hulk got his rear whooped by Thanos and acted like a complete coward in Infinity War but maybe if Thanos didn’t have any Infinity stones then MAYBE just MAYBE Hulk would stand a chance against the massive brute. - NightJinx

5 Green Lantern vs Scarlett Witch Green Lantern vs Scarlett Witch

They both have these glowy power things. I don't know why I can see this happening. - NightJinx

6 Green Arrow vs Hawkeye Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

They both can shoot arrows really well. Pew Pew - NightJinx

7 Wolverine vs Black Panther

I have a feeling Black Panther would win because of the high tech suit he wears but they are both so beastly like (in a good way) - NightJinx

8 Spiderman vs Antman Spiderman vs Antman

We’ve already seen a mini battle between the two buggers. (Ik a spider is an Arachnid) in Civil War but it would be very entertaining to watch them in battle longer - NightJinx

9 Black Widow vs Gamora Black Widow vs Gamora

These incredible women would just be so amazing in combat againt one another. - NightJinx

10 Star Lord vs Thor Star Lord vs Thor

If Starlord was still part god from GotG 2, then this battle would surely be interesting. Besides, there was already tension between the two in the hilarious moment in Infinity War. - NightJinx

The Contenders

11 Superman vs Thanos

I would love to see this happen. I think Superman would win - NightJinx

12 Deadpool vs Taskmaster
13 Deadpool vs Batman
14 Iron Man vs Captain America
15 Loki vs Joker
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