Top Ten Superhero Movies that Could've Done Much Better

These are movies that just were disappointing in a lot of ways, maybe not like Man-Thing, Elektra, or Howard the Duck but these just had bad scopes and good scopes and people actually wanted to see them

The Top Ten

1 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Damn it, I think 100% percent of the people who watched the trailers thought this movie was going to finally compete with MARVEL's Magic, but no the DCEU failed miserably on this middle of the movie and at least they totally ended strong but seriously this movie was one of the slowest movies I have ever watched, it being a SUPERHERO MOVIE. I will admit we got a good thing from Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil, and of course from Gal Gadot but Jesse Eisenberg was a flop for Lex Luthor a total flop - MarvelExpertJK

2 Catwoman

Halle Berry what ARE YOU DOING? You were good as Storm in the X-Men movies and now you fell like a cat down the building but unfortunately you didn't land on your feet. THIS MOVIE WAS BAD IN MANY WAYS and just had one of DC's worst plots in like EVER - MarvelExpertJK

3 Fantastic Four

Did bad with the plot, and completely ruined a lot of chances with 20th Century Fox making another Fantastic Four movie, but it had okay graphics and okay acting except for Doctor Doom, but overall the movie WAS TERRIBLE, BORING, AND A WASTE OF MONEY, luckily the movie so short that it didn't take long to leave when it ended - MarvelExpertJK

4 Batman and Robin

The first appearance of Batman and Robin was actually pretty good with the Riddler and Two-Face but this movie was just bad in every way. The reason why it's not number one is because it is just terrible unlike the other movies that had some good parts in it but just please don't remind me of Arnold's Mr. Freeze and- and the suits of Batman and Robin. NEVER WILL I FORGET THE BUTT PLATES AND THE NIPPLES NEVER WILL I FORGET. At least Bane was cool, kind of - MarvelExpertJK

Buttplates, Visible Nipples, and bad acting that's all - MarvelExpertJK

5 X-Men: The Last Stand

In all words this is definitely one of the worst modern Marvel movies made (not that modern just trying to insult it) The movie had way too many villains and completely ruined the one time we would see the Juggernaut in a movie, but at least the acting choices were good. I mean Hugh Jackass- I mean Jackman will always be the best Wolverine! - MarvelExpertJK

6 Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is this what made you fall for Blake Lively, WOW?! This movie can actually be entertaining but just DC failed in many places especially with the CGI Suit which didn't look all bad but come on really the only good thing about that is the reference in Deadpool. The movie had pretty bad acting, had a bad plot, but at least they chose a good villain and the graphics were interesting, and they did keep the original plot. - MarvelExpertJK

Kinda cliché - CedreticFomento

7 Ghost Rider

Actually an okay movie, far better then the second and had pretty good graphics but seriously you chose Nicholas Cage? Obviously the movie would've been much worse if Johnny Blaze never transformed so we couldn't see Nicholas Cage again, and know he's not a bad actor it's in this movie - MarvelExpertJK

8 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Actually this was a pretty good movie, but they did really flop not keeping Logan's origin story and the obomination of Deadpool, but the action was good, the acting was good, and at least we can make fun of the old deadpool now - MarvelExpertJK

9 Punisher (2004)

The only reason this is on the list is because the movie was a little bit too gentle for a Rated-R film, otherwise the movie can definitely be very very enjoyable and is totally one of Thomas Jane's and John Travolta's best movie - MarvelExpertJK

10 Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Contenders

11 Man of Steel

Good movie, great way to start off the DCEU but just was a little bit shabby and a little bit slow, but damn could they find anybody more perfect then Henry Cavil as superman! - MarvelExpertJK

12 Spawn
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