Top Ten Superhero Movies with the Worst Writing

The Top Ten

1 Batman & Robin

This almost killed the Batman franchise until Nolan made Batman Begins in 2005 which saved the day - PeeledBanana

This should be number one way WAY worse then suicide squad - Batmaniscole

If you want a good batman movie with batman, batgirl robin, mr freeze, poison ivy, and bane in it, watch the Lego batman movie - VideoGamefan5

Sucks ice PUNS - VideoGamefan5

2 Suicide Squad

So poorly Written Its Not Even funny, where as the others here, at least it was funny, - VideoGamefan5

These are "bad" guys, so this was a "bad" movie. But I think everyone was a little too hard on this movie.

3 Fantastic Four (2015)

It was boring to the point that just couldn't bother to finish it. - egnomac

Dullest movie I've seen - VideoGamefan5

4 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Was a stupid movie - VideoGamefan5

5 Green Lantern
6 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
7 Daredevil

What a disappointment - VideoGamefan5

8 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I'll stick with the Sam Raimi films. Yeah, they're cheesy, but that's what they want to be. Ever since everyone saw how great and successful The Dark Knight was, they wanted all superhero films to have maximum angst. It's not gonna work for every film. Yeah, 3 was angsty (kinda), but at least it was, oh, I don't know, coherent. This movie makes no sense and is so overrated it's ridiculous. - Elric-san

This movie is anything but amazing. - egnomac

Oh, why do people like this more than 3? - VideoGamefan5

9 Catwoman

The writing is so bad - VideoGamefan5

10 X-Men 3

Pretty boring... I give it a 4/10.

The Contenders

11 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Thank you 2017, 2016, and 2013 for replacing this dreck - VideoGamefan5

12 Marvel's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
13 The Dark Knight Rises
14 The Hulk
15 Thor: The Dark World
16 The Punisher (2004)

I just don't get it! how could you torture somebody with a popsicle? we don't know if Quentin was making out with Olivia because Quentin was gay! Howard kills his best friend and his wife! But screams about his son being murdered! It's a mess! no wonder why this movie has a %30 rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

17 X-Men Apocalypse
18 Max Steel
19 Supergirl
20 Batman Forever
21 Superman III
22 Iron Man 2
23 Iron Man 3
24 The Amazing Spider-Man
25 Elektra
26 Spider
27 Spawn
28 The Amazing Bulk
29 Spider-Man 3
30 Steel
31 The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl
32 Spy Kids 3-d Game Over
33 Spy Kids 2 - The Island of Lost Dreams
34 Spy Kids
35 The Dark Knight
36 Avengers: Infinity War

The twist ending is one of the worst of all time.

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