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1 Bruce Wayne / Batman Bruce Wayne / Batman

The Batman has everything that a superhero needs. A fast car, the cool gadgets, the simple but effective suit, two partners who actually do something, and villains who can actually pose a threat to people.

Nobody would ever guess. Bruce Wayne keeps up an image that makes it impossible for him to be associated with Batman. That's how you keep a good secret identity.

The dude acts like a juvenile playboy in the day then a serious justice upholding juggernaut at night who could possibly figure him out.

Batman is the best identity for sure

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2 Peter Parker / Spider-Man

He wears a mask where his eyes have lenses so he can see outside, while no one can see inside. Green Goblin took away Spider-Man's Spider-Sense before their Epic
Battle and Green Goblin caught Peter Parker changing back into normal suit, then, in
Their Epic Battle, Green Goblin knows who Spiderman is. Because of Peter's kindness, he had to show Doc Ock who he is, letting MJ know too.


Best villian:Venom

Best sidekick(From friend or foe video game):Green Goblin

Spider-man reminds us that even the underdog can come out on top. That ans his great sense of humor.

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3 Clark Kent / Superman

should be number 1! its such an obvious disguise but he still gets away with it! "what are you talking about? Clark wears glasses! no way that's me! "

The citizens in metropolis are so stupid that they can't tell that Clark Kent is superman just from his glasses and hair style.

Zooms around in a kiosk

Best villian:Mettalo

4 Bruce Banner / The Hulk

"Dont get me angry, You wont like me when I'm angry"

Best villian:Wolverine

5 Billy Batson / Shazam
6 Barry Allen / The Flash
7 James Howlett / Wolverine

Could kill batman with 1 thrust

Best villian:His own brother

Best sidekick:Cyclops

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8 Dick Grayson / Robin

Dick Grayson is also the alter ego of Nightwing, Renegade (while he worked in disguise to Deathstroke), Burn (while in secret mission on "New Rogues" a group of vilains that include Penguin), he even was Batman for a period of time, in fact when Damian Wayne became Robin for the 1st time the Batman was Dick Grayson (because Bruce Wayne was supposedly death at the time) and now Dick Grayson is Agent 37 (a secret agent of spy agency called Spyral)

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9 Tim Drake / Robin
10 Tony Stark / Iron Man

Best of the best - -l-l-

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? Kyle Rayner / Ion
? Cassandra Cain / Black Bat

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11 Dr. Donald Blake / Thor

Slam the hammer and a weaponed god flies through the sky

Best Villian:Loki

12 Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
13 Jason Blood / Etrigan
14 Malcolm Murdock / Daredevil
15 Dick Grayson / Nightwing
16 Carol Ferris / Star Sapphire
17 Johnny Storm / Human Torch
18 Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
19 Dr. Curtis Connors / The Lizard
20 Barbara Gordon / Batgirl
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1. Bruce Wayne / Batman
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