Top 10 Superhero / Villain Teams

The Top Ten Superhero / Villain Teams

1 Avengers
2 Justice League

The justice league is my all time favorite

3 X-Men
4 Fantastic 4
5 Green Lantern Corps
6 Guardians of the Galaxy

They are awesome

7 Teen Titans
8 Legion of Superheroes
9 The Defenders
10 Sinister Six

The Contenders

11 Brotherhood of Evil
12 Legion of Doom
13 S.H.I.E.L.D
14 Inhumans
15 Doom Patrol
16 Agents of S.M.A.S.H
17 Cabal
18 Heroes For Hire
19 Soviet Super Soldiers
20 The Frightful Four
21 Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!
22 Eternals
23 The Warriors Three
24 Zodiac
25 Brotherhood of Mutants
26 DP 7
27 Hellions
28 The New Mutants
29 Legion of Monsters
30 The Champions
31 The Herculoids
32 The Metal Men
33 Suicide Squad
34 The Injustice League
35 Red Lantern Corp

They’re powered by rage and wear red outfits that can be made invisible so are cooler than any other Lanterns. They can construct anything they can imagine and vomit burning plasma. They don’t use their heart (lantern ring replaces it) so aren’t vulnerable to attacks targeting their heart. Their control of rage allows powers to use mind control and telepathy (to discover the source of a person’s rage). They’re resistant to Black Lanterns, can create blood portals and force fields, fly, absorb the rage of those not who aren’t a Red Lantern and infect others with rage.

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