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21 The characters makes puns and jokes during fighting The characters makes puns and jokes during fighting

"You wanna some a cat-fight! "
~Cat Noir. - ChatNoirFan18

22 The Bullies

Flash Thompson, Bash Johnson, and Dash Baxter, anyone? - ChatNoirFan18

23 Geeks

Tucker Foley, Max Kante, Nino Lahiffe, anyone? - ChatNoirFan18

24 A main characters' best friends turns evil
25 One-time characters/villains
26 Main characters' evil doppelganger

Nomirandy and Copycat/L' Imposteur in the nutshell. Or sometime the heroes' doppleganger is a robot/clone. - ChatNoirFan18

27 Exchange students Exchange students

*cough* Gregor/Elliot *cough* Jacques from RC:9GN *cough* - ChatNoirFan18

28 Main characters always have spiky hair as their hairstyle

Except Miraculous because:
•Marinette: Pigtails
•Adrien: Combed blonde hair. - ChatNoirFan18

29 Red-haired sisters

Jazz Fenton and Heidi Weinerman, a perfect example. - ChatNoirFan18

30 Arch-enemies

Vlad Plasmius in the nutshell. - ChatNoirFan18

31 Main characters get new powers Main characters get new powers

Example: •When Danny get an ice powers in "Urban Jungle".
"When Randy get a "Ninja Rage Power" in "School Spirits". - ChatNoirFan18

32 Main characters' signatures logo

•A DP logo on Danny Phantom.
•A Red Norisu nine logo on Ninja Randy.
•A Green Paw Print logo on Cat Noir.
•A Ladybug logo of Ladybug.
•A spider logo on Spiderman.
•A Bat logo on Batman.
•A "S" logo on Superman

Maybe more... - ChatNoirFan18

33 The instrumental version of the theme song often used for the ending.
34 Idiot villains

Klemper, Box Ghost, Mr. Pigeon, Hannibal McFist... - ChatNoirFan18

35 Bratty villains

Youngblood, Princess Fragrance, Vlad Plasmius. These kind of these villains are power-hungry and they destroy the town only for the thing that they want. - ChatNoirFan18

36 Main characters revealed their alter-ego in front of people
37 Main characters always hang out with their friends at fast food restaurant
38 Female sidekicks
39 Hugging each other after fighting
40 Main characters always have blue eyes Main characters always have blue eyes

Why don't other colors like pink, green, yellow, hazel, orange, etc.? - ChatNoirFan18

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