Best SuperMarioLogan Videos With Bowser Jr, Cody, and Joseph

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1 Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World
2 Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation
3 First Day of School!

This video was funny and awesome cause it had Jeffy in it.
It was even more funnier when Jeffy got in trouble for cussing, writing his name all over his desk, and flipping his desk on the first day of school.
Jr and Jospeh saying the 3rd rule "shut your mouth" roasting Cody flipping his desk.
I also liked when Patrick, and Atso appeared.
And Jackie Chu saying dumb to the other students

4 Substitute Teacher!
5 Jeffy's Birthday
6 Cody's Sleepover
7 SuperPowers!
8 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 3
9 Bowser Junior's Pool Party
10 Bowser Junior's Summer School 7

The Contenders

11 Joseph's Mom

She is so fat she looks like a whale - DrayTopTens

12 Stuck
13 Cody's Missing
14 Bowser Junior's All Nighter!
15 The Fountain of Youth
16 The Bake Sale
17 The Koopalings!
18 The Koopalings Part 2
19 The Magical Button
20 The Koopa Kids!
21 Precious's Pillow Fort!
22 Bowser Junior's Bad News
23 Precious the Rapper
24 Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday
25 Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem
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