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1 Bowser Junior's Summer School 3

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2 Bowser's Videogame

This video was amazing. I thought it was funny at the end when junior defeated the Charlie and friends video game when bowser came back from the bathroom.

It's a good video because it's interesting seeing Bowser try to be happy and excited because he loves Charleyyy and Friends but he's being consumed by traditional gamer rage

He should do more bowser

This Should Be Number 1 - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

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3 The Big Thanksgiving

This was easily the best video Logan has ever made. It was great to see all of the characters together, and it was e en better that they all had roles. The video has a great feeling to it. Even though there is not much humor, it is still a great video.

This deserves to be number 1 - MrOsoTango

4 Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation

I Actually Hate This Episode,With A Passion.It’s My #2 Worst Behind,Surprise Surprise,Jeffy’s Bad Word.

5 The Bird
6 Toads Mistake 2


7 Jeffy Sleepwalks

Funny when he screams when mario turns off the light

It's so funny when he sleepwalks - zeroclubsboii

8 How to Eat an Oreo

I would really like to see another video like this. It's just Mario and his family talking and eating oreos in weird ways, but still! Wish Logan and the gang would make another video like this.

Classic SML - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

9 Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure Episode 3
10 Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World (Both Parts)

Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World 2 is my favorite episode. - Mariomaster63

How is this on the best but imaginary friend is on the worst?!

I loved those videos where junior rides all rides

Chef Peepee liked the rides then but Jr and friends are scaredy cats

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11 Bowser Jr's Lemonade Stand

OH MY GOD! Do people actually like this! JUNIOR and Cody are unbearable. Their both jerks with Cody stealing juniors customers on purpose and junior destroying his stand! I felt like I made the biggest mistake in my life watching this Logan their has been much better than this from you! I know you've made better because I've sent it and by the way mama luigi fan boys and girls on hating Jeffy because your beloved mama luigi has gone

DAMMIT! I spelled episode wrong! - ShaunFan04

12 Jeffy's Homework

It introduced the greatest law of mathematics: Jeffy's Law - GreninjaGuy

So hilarious! Ok Jeffy. What is 2 plus 2. What, where did you get that answer? I pulled it out of my ass. LOL

2+2=Baby 2
There's a mommy 2 and a daddy 2, so they make a baby 2.

You have 8-4. You take away the 4, so it's not there anymore, and you're left with 8.

13 The New Shamwow

SuperMarioLogan in YouTube

This is too boring

Order now and I'll add in a FREE WATERMELON! That's right! A FREE WATERMELON! - Mariomaster63

I thought this was funny! I like it when Mama Luigi said "Sham-wow, you're gonna become Sham-die."
And he grabs a knive and walks towards the Sham wow, then one of those T.V. errors show up." - Mariomaster63

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14 Bowser Junior's Sleepover
15 The Perfect Plan

DEFINITELY should be number 1

Logan nailed this video perfectly! It was nice to take a break from all of that craziness. The humour in this video is awesome, reminds me of the M&L RPG series. My favourite modern SML video 10/10

+bowser was hilarious
+different than other videos
+other characters were funny
+nice effects

16 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4

This is my favorite first grade video but it would be in the top 3 if Cody got a F because part 3 Cody was one my least favorite characters in all time and in the video for rejecting a girl

+screwball was funny
-rip off of summer school part 3

17 Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem
18 Shrek's Nightmare
19 Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures Season 3 Episode 1
20 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Black Ops 3

LOL, YOU SHOT IT WITH A CROSSBOW BLACK YOSHI WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!? That was easily the funniest part of the video, I agree with black yoshi, who the hell buys Call of Duty for the Wii?

This video is so funny to watch its very enjoyable and funny this is a good video I like how Black Yoshi has a PlayStation 4 now.

21 Jeffy's Parents

The only sml video where I shed a tear. 10/10

Considering that I was a victim of domestic abuse I think that this video is pretty heart wrenching and the fact that Logan didn’t treat this video as a joke and it’s more serious makes it admirable.

Most overrated episode in the 20 worst in my opinion why
1. Barely any explanation why Jeffy does thing
2. Overrated
3. Boring
4. Overrated
5. Overrated
6. Logan probably did this so more people would like Jeffy which in my opinion didn't help
7. Did I mention it's Overrated
1. Mario got his revenge for 30 seconds - Tyoshi

22 Yoshi Takes Mario To McDonald's
23 Jeffy's Stupid Home Video

Not my favorite, but still good

24 Bowser Junior's Breakfast
25 Jeffy's Pet

This video was really bad. Jeffy was torturing animals and calling them perverted names.

I love this video! All the jokes are so funny and this video had a good plot.
Rating: 8.5/10

26 Jeffy Gets Bullied
27 How to Save Princess Peach the Black Yoshi Way
28 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial
29 Bowser Junior Goes Bowling
30 Black Yoshi's Job
31 Jeffy's Bad Word

No this video was mean spirited and annoying.

What is on this list?! It's one of the worst sml episodes of all time!

32 Jeffy's Sister
33 Super Bowl Commercials
34 Black Yoshi The Assistant
35 Bowser Junior's Cookies
36 Bowser's Salad Wrap
37 Smart Jeffy
38 Stride Mystery Gum
39 How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas
40 Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!
41 The Burger

3 wishes done right

42 Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise

This video was a redemption episode, it was awesome

I loved this episode, I was almost always laughing, and it makes up for Jeffy's Bad Word

The reason I think people think that this video is amazing is because after jeffys bad word people would take anything as long as it's better. And while I do think this video is okay.i'm not going to just forgive Logan for jeffys bad word. He has to make something actually amazing. Which he hasn't done yet

+toad singing happy birthday
+took a different route than other birthday videos
-boring in the middle part
-junior and cody making bets was unfunny

43 The Ring

This video is SO funny! (in my opinion) The plot is creative, the jokes were well written, the characters were very likable, and is Shrek's encore appearance. He was very funny in the video, and the ending with the poo explosion was the highlight of the video. To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I really recommend it.

44 The Past Machine
45 Toad's Mistake 3
46 Shrek's Big Crap

An overlooked episode, this episode is a classic because the humor is funny and the jokes are well thought out.

47 Bowser Junior Goes to the Fair


48 Where's Jeffy?
49 Bowser Junior's Happy Meal
50 Locked Out

Who the hell thinks this is good?! This is the worst video of 2016! - Tyler730

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