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1 Bowser Junior's Summer School 3

I like seeing Chilly twerking

Request Episode: Mario Spanks Rosalina

2 Bowser's Videogame

This is an enjoyable and classic video. I think it isn’t that bad to be in the list but it ain’t by favorite. Tho I still like it. Seeing bowser play Charleyyy instead of watching Charleyyy. Not much to say that it’s a great video

This video was amazing. I thought it was funny at the end when junior defeated the Charlie and friends video game when bowser came back from the bathroom.

This is by far the best SML Movie of 2014! This video had funny gameplay, and the funniest part was Bowser's commentary!

He should do more bowser

3 The Big Thanksgiving

The biggest SML character crossover by far, Some crossovers I didn’t expect to see lime Jackie Chu and Craig together. The video isn’t that interesting of a plot but it’s enjoyable and entertaining to see almost ALL sml characters together. It had some funny moments too but for the most of all it’s more for the bigger SML fans (kinda like me)

This was easily the best video Logan has ever made. It was great to see all of the characters together, and it was e en better that they all had roles. The video has a great feeling to it. Even though there is not much humor, it is still a great video.

This deserves to be number 1

This should be one

4 Bowser Junior's Summer Vacation

Wonder the mom's reaction when junior told a crying kid to shut up at Chuck e cheese.

The video with the most views

I Actually Hate This Episode,With A Passion.It’s My #2 Worst Behind,Surprise Surprise,Jeffy’s Bad Word.

5 Jeffy's Homework

To be honest not many of these come to my top favorites but this is the best on this list. Its quite funny despite Jeffy being Jeffy. It had some pretty funny moments like Mario pulling out a gun causing Rosalina to because. Jeffy saying strawberry 50 times, Jeffy coloring, Mario getting hit by a T Ball Bat and Jeffy saying words wrong like “Gidaraffe”. Overall good video for being one of the first Jeffy videos Tho I don’t recommend these for older people since they seem to not like it since it’s a Jeffy video of course

Jeffy made a profane rant about how mommy and daddy numbers have baby numbers, and Mario was crying while Jeffy read "Strawberry" 50 times. Jeffy sucks

So hilarious! Ok Jeffy. What is 2 plus 2. What, where did you get that answer? I pulled it out of my ass. LOL

It introduced the greatest law of mathematics: Jeffy's Law

6 The Bird
7 Jeffy Sleepwalks

Funny when he screams when mario turns off the light

It's so funny when he sleepwalks

I want froot loops

8 Jeffy's Bad Word

Love the part where mario gets beat up by tyrone, but could they have used a different word?

What is on this list?! It's one of the worst sml episodes of all time!

No this video was mean spirited and annoying.

This is a mediocre episode

9 Bowser Junior's Lemonade Stand!

OH MY GOD! Do people actually like this! JUNIOR and Cody are unbearable. Their both jerks with Cody stealing juniors customers on purpose and junior destroying his stand! I felt like I made the biggest mistake in my life watching this Logan their has been much better than this from you! I know you've made better because I've sent it and by the way mama luigi fan boys and girls on hating Jeffy because your beloved mama luigi has gone

A fun video. Didn’t expect it to come to the top bests tho. This is a decent and enjoyable video tho so I don’t really care

DAMMIT! I spelled episode wrong!

10 How to Eat an Oreo

I would really like to see another video like this. It's just Mario and his family talking and eating oreos in weird ways, but still! Wish Logan and the gang would make another video like this.

Best Video from his channel

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11 Smart Jeffy

Jackie Chu is hilarious in this video. The video overall I wouldn’t say is the best but it has some hilarious jokes. Good video tho

Weird but good

So funny! I loved the flashback to Jeffy’s homework. 8-4=8. I love his logic

12 Toads Mistake 2

I haven’t seen this one but the original was just plain toad torture

13 Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World (Both Parts)

You will need to eat a bowl of doofy O's
And you could win a trip to Disney world
All you gotta do is find the knife
And then you gotta go and kill my ex-wife.

What? These videos sucked, it's nothing but an entire hour of Jr and his friends just going on rides

Bowser Junior Goes To Disney World 2 is my favorite episode.

How is this on the best but imaginary friend is on the worst?!

14 Jeffy the Rapper
15 The New Shamwow

I thought this was funny! I like it when Mama Luigi said "Sham-wow, you're gonna become Sham-die."
And he grabs a knive and walks towards the Sham wow, then one of those T.V. errors show up."

This is too boring

Nooo! You moron

SuperMarioLogan in YouTube

16 Bowser Junior's Game Night

This episode was awesome! I liked the original idea of having Junior play board games with his friends, and this is a classic

I like the third game night

So its not happy?

17 Bowser Junior's Sleepover

I LOVE SCARY (expect for Jeffy’s new toy)

18 The Perfect Plan

Logan nailed this video perfectly! It was nice to take a break from all of that craziness. The humour in this video is awesome, reminds me of the M&L RPG series. My favourite modern SML video 10/10

+bowser was hilarious
+different than other videos
+other characters were funny
+nice effects

DEFINITELY should be number 1

19 Bowser Jr's Playtime Problem

It’s Somewhat Decent

20 Bowser Junior's 1st Grade! Part 4

+screwball was funny
-rip off of summer school part 3

This is my favorite first grade video but it would be in the top 3 if Cody got a F because part 3 Cody was one my least favorite characters in all time and in the video for rejecting a girl

Yay Jackie Chu Is Back

21 Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventure Episode 3
22 Black Yoshi’s Blank Check

This video is awful

23 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Black Ops 3

This video is so funny to watch its very enjoyable and funny this is a good video I like how Black Yoshi has a PlayStation 4 now.

LOL, YOU SHOT IT WITH A CROSSBOW BLACK YOSHI WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!? That was easily the funniest part of the video, I agree with black yoshi, who the hell buys Call of Duty for the Wii?

24 Jeffy's Parents

Wow, what an amazing episode. Logan and the rest of the crew putted a phenomenal amount of effort into this. The backstory of Jeffy was great, introducing a new character Nancy, Jeffy's mother. Overall, I'd totally give it a 10/10.

honestly this video is awful hey we really need to feel bad for jeffy hell no remember
jeffys cellphone
locked out
Jeffys bad word
mario the babysitter
no we don't feel bad for this ahole by the way 8 year olds stop voting on hear

Considering that I was a victim of domestic abuse I think that this video is pretty heart wrenching and the fact that Logan didn’t treat this video as a joke and it’s more serious makes it admirable.

That was really sad it's not funny what if you had a mother like jeffy's mom

25 Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Season 3 Episode 1
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