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21 How to Save Princess Peach the Black Yoshi Way
22 Bowser Junior Goes Bowling
23 Black Yoshi's Job
24 Doritos Super Bowl Commercial
25 Super Bowl Commercials
26 Black Yoshi The Assistant
27 Bowser Junior's Cookies
28 Jeffy's Parents

The only sml video where I shed a tear. 10/10

Most overrated episode in the 20 worst in my opinion why
1. Barely any explanation why Jeffy does thing
2. Overrated
3. Boring
4. Overrated
5. Overrated
6. Logan probably did this so more people would like Jeffy which in my opinion didn't help
7. Did I mention it's Overrated
1. Mario got his revenge for 30 seconds - Tyoshi

29 Shrek's Nightmare
30 Bowser's Salad Wrap
31 Stride Mystery Gum
32 Bowser Junior's Imaginary Friend!
33 The Burger

3 wishes done right

34 Jeffy's Homework

So hilarious! Ok Jeffy. What is 2 plus 2. What, where did you get that answer? I pulled it out of my ass. LOL

35 Jeffy's Bad Word

No this video was mean spirited and annoying.

What is on this list?! It's one of the worst sml episodes of all time!

36 The Ring

This video is SO funny! (in my opinion) The plot is creative, the jokes were well written, the characters were very likable, and is Shrek's encore appearance. He was very funny in the video, and the ending with the poo explosion was the highlight of the video. To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I really recommend it.

37 The Past Machine
38 How Black Yoshi Saved Christmas
39 Toad's Mistake 3
40 Bowser Junior Goes to the Fair V 1 Comment
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