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41 Bowser Junior's Happy Meal
42 Chef Pee Pee's Birthday Surprise

This video was a redemption episode, it was awesome

I loved this episode, I was almost always laughing, and it makes up for Jeffy's Bad Word

The reason I think people think that this video is amazing is because after jeffys bad word people would take anything as long as it's better. And while I do think this video is okay.i'm not going to just forgive Logan for jeffys bad word. He has to make something actually amazing. Which he hasn't done yet

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43 Jeffy's Pet

This video was really bad. Jeffy was torturing animals and calling them perverted names.

I love this video! All the jokes are so funny and this video had a good plot.
Rating: 8.5/10

44 Toad Away
45 Bowser Juice Infomercial
46 Pokémon Part 5
47 Bowser Jr Goes To Military School Part 2

This is 1 of the best if not the best video Logan has ever done, it's so heart wrenching and emotionally heavy, Bowser Jr returning home after basically being physically and emotionally broken, you can tell he's hurting but he tries to stay calm and be respectful and in line, and I love the uplifting scene where Joseph and Cody help junior get back to normal, I still can't believe Logan would do all that, and the ending...this is hands down the greatest ending to an SML video ever, Bowser finally tells junior that he loves him and tells him you are who you are, and then gets tape out and says let's fix the table like father and son, and that's how the video ends, (claps) this video actually made me cry. 10/10

I enjoy the ending where Bowser and Junior actually have a good father-son moment.

48 Locked Out

Who the hell thinks this is good?! This is the worst video of 2016! - Tyler730

49 Jeffy's Sister
50 Smart Jeffy
51 Black Yoshi's Scam

This video was hilarious

52 Jeffy's Favorite Song

This video was awful - Tyler730

53 The Fender Bender
54 Black Yoshi's Bad Deal
55 Bowser Junior's Halloween
56 The President's Chef
57 Bowser Junior's 7th Birthday V 1 Comment
58 Shrek's Big Crap

An overlooked episode, this episode is a classic because the humor is funny and the jokes are well thought out.

59 Bowser Junior's Game Night

This episode was awesome! I liked the original idea of having Junior play board games with his friends, and this is a classic

60 Wario & Waluigi's Scam
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