Best Supernatural Korean Dramas

This list includes the best Korean dramas in the supernatural genre.

The Top Ten

1 W- Two Worlds

This drama had everything from comics(manhwas) to Lee Jong-suk, thriller, drama, romance and so on. Wahhh... - BeeElovesKaeP

2 Goblin

Goblin is so good. It involves a goblin, his bride, his sister and his friend who is a grim reaper, and their tragedy filled past lives. - BeeElovesKaeP


3 The Legend of the Blue Sea

Mermaids, Lee Min-ho, Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho... - BeeElovesKaeP

Mermaid's sea ost is one of the many reasons I'm in love with this kdrama

4 Oh My Ghostess

I loved this drama. It just had characters that I couldn't forget. - BeeElovesKaeP

5 My Love from Another Star

Comedy, handsome aliens, romance. This drama is loaded. - BeeElovesKaeP

6 Master's Sun

Chemistry daebak! Expect rich male lead, ghosts and awesome pairing. - BeeElovesKaeP

7 49 Days

This drama made me wonder if people really cared for me. Put a box of tissues next to you and prepare to bawl. - BeeElovesKaeP

8 Scholar Who Walks the Night

Hot vampires, Super hot villain vampire. Yeah... Lee Jun-ki... - BeeElovesKaeP

9 The Bride of Water God
10 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

Isn't that beastiality?

Comedy... Lee Seung-gi... - BeeElovesKaeP

The Contenders

11 Let's Fight Ghost

Taecyeon, ghosts, exorcism, Kim So-hyun. - BeeElovesKaeP

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