Top 10 Superpower Nations of All Time

Top 10 most powerful countries in the world at different points in history before US and soviet union became superpower

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1 British Empire

The British Empire, first the English Colonial Empire, was birthed after expeditions to the New World had begun by the English. And successful attempts at establishing colonies across the Eastern Seaboard of what is now the United States and in the Caribbean. An English Trading Empire was Underway.

After Scotland had endured its personal failed attempts at colonization, it unified with England into Great Britain and continued the policy of Naval Supremacy to establish a British Empire.

Despite losing the Eastern Seaboard to the newly formed United States of America with help from it's rivals, Great Britain continued to expand it's empire across the globe. Colonizing Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Numerous Caribbean Islands, and started to Conquer Parts of India.
The Colonial Era was underway.

After defeating Napoleonic France, Pax Britannica was underway, in which the newly United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was the World's lone superpower and ...more - CoolDude16501

Lol they got defeated by a bunch of farmers. USA! USA! USA! - DoroExploro13

The British Empire grew out of the colonial and trading ventures of Great Britain in the eighteenth century, and by the early twentieth century, it had become history’s largest empire, covering a quarter of the world’s surface mostly north america,Africa,Australia and south Asia
so large that the “sun never set” on it. At its height, over a fifth of the world’s

with 295 million people lived in it. - krishna1997

2 Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire was the world’s largest land empire. The empire’s rise was amazingly because a group of Mongol tribes united and numbering no more than a million managed to conquer empires that were literally quarter of earth surface from Asia to Europe and middle east - krishna1997

3 Roman Empire

It did span most of Europe, North Africa and parts of the Middle East at its peak. Its army was among the best at the time and had an extensive infrastructure that ensures the transportation of its army as well as an impressive engineering feats and equipment for the military. Not only was Rome an impressive military power, with the lands Rome conquered, it was also an economic superpower with goods traded as far as China. By the time Rome as a whole was dissolved, it left a huge power vacuum in Europe and no doubt left a legacy that is highly influencial to this day. - krishna1997

Romans rock

4 Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the world's first civilizations, with its beginnings in the fertile Nile valley around 3000 because... Ancient Egypt was a great power to be contended with by both the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa. - krishna1997

5 Mauryan Empire

It probably only had power over the trade routes and large cities. Please note that while India doesn't look that big on a map, the Mauryan Empire had 35 - 40% of the world's population under it's rule at it's height. It's also worth noting that Ashoka & Co. beat back the Macedonian armies of the Seleucid Empire after Alexander the Great died - krishna1997

6 Han Dynasty

Han China was one of the most sophisticated Empires in history, ruling over 60 million people at the turn of the millennium. The Han nationalized the arms industry by seizing iron ore mining and maintained a strong army. They also captured the imaginations of billions by finishing the Great Wall. Emperor established a system of currency and coinage that lasted 800 years, a monetary accomplishment unmatched in world history. - krishna1997

7 Spanish Empire

Spanish Empire was the first global Empire.In the “age of explorations” they explored America.The Spanish defeated the Aztec Empire,Mayans,Incas and establish their sovereignty on a vast area of North America and South America - krishna1997

8 Achaemenid Empire

While the British Empire had more global power overall, the Achaemenid Empire is definitely more notable in my opinion due to how extensive, powerful, and stable it was, even in the hundreds BCE. Because of their Satrapies they could rule over many different peoples without huge risk of separatism, while still gaining wealth and power from those regions. Not to mention it had the largest share of the world’s population of any nation in history, at 44%!

Persia was the first great superpower, with a population of about 50 million people stretching over 8.5 million square kilometers. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon and Medes, between them the most developed parts of the world, and his successors extended the Empire to Egypt, Turkey, and to the the doorstep of Greece. While the Greeks defeated the Persian Army (Thermopolae, Marathon, etc) in practice, Persia remained a huge player in Greek politics until Philip and Alexander came along. We are getting more and more evidence that Persian soft power also extended beyond the Indus River ValleyAchaemenid Empire - krishna1997

9 Byzantine Empire

Byzantine empire were the strongest powers.
the Byzantines, managed to keep it together for over 11 centuries, thus creating the longest-living Empire
on the world. That was when two new powers rose - Arabia in the west, and China in the East. China, reawakened after centuries of slumber, became a world-class power in technology, medicine and commerce. - krishna1997

10 Abbasid Caliphate

The Abbasids ruled the Arab world from about 750 CE to 1258 CE. Taking power from the Umayyads, the rulers of the Abbasids were known as caliphs. They were believed to be the descendants of Mohammed through his youngest uncle... As trade brought wealth to the empire, it grew larger than the caliphates could control - krishna1997

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11 Ottoman Empire
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