Top 10 Superpowers that People Would Want for the Wrong Reasons

Superpowers can be an amazingly cool concept although how many of us, would use them with good intentions? Here is a list of dangerous and powerful supernatural powers that people would most likely use for evil or selfish reasons.

The Top Ten

1 Reality Warping
2 Mind Control

Now honestly, what good could come out of this. - ParasN2000

3 Telepathy
4 Time Manipulation

Specifically; time travel and time pausing, age manipulation. - ParasN2000

5 Invisibility

Yes such as spying on people or committing crimes without getting punished or causing havoc by moving things around and letting people try and guess what is happening. - Powell

Hollow man (2000). - Ananya

6 Emotion Manipulation
7 Interaction Manipulation
8 Infatuation
9 Shapeshifting
10 Super Intelligence
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