Top Ten Superpowers That Would Be Terrible to Be Caught Using


The Top Ten

1 Mind Reading

Well of course, but it would be so fun to know what others think about you - darthvadern

Not always. I thought that too until I read a book from the point of view of a mind reader. - Cyri

Need I explain? - Cyri

It would be funny if someone was thinking about secretly playing with barbies after school and I read their mind and told people about it. - mistyglow

2 Mind Control
3 X-Ray Vision

This should be number one because Cyclops damages anything without his glasses.

4 The Power to Inflict Pain

I wouldn’t want this power anyways! - mistyglow

5 Power Over Disease
6 Invisibility

If people found out... - Cyri

Unfortuanely this superpower would be impossible to have becuase physics - darthvadern

7 Shapeshifting

This item reminds me of the song Morph by Twenty One Pilots. - mistyglow

It depends on what you shift into. - Cyri

I don't think it would be that bad getting caught using it - darthvadern

8 Cryokinesis

To think that the brain is 73% water... - Cyri

9 Pyrokinesis

You would get arrested, found guilty of arson (in all likelihood), and then off to prison you go. - Cyri

10 Necromancy

For me, this sounds like a cool super power. - IceFoxPlayz

Need I say more? - ResonatingScreamS

The Contenders

11 Matter Manipulation

You would be able to turn people into rocks. Everyone would fear you. - Cyri

Very scary - darthvadern

12 Omnipotence
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