Top Ten Supply Side Platforms


The Top Ten

1 DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

DoubleClick -
" Get the most value for every impression on every screen "
Ad formats: mobile, native and video ads
Top geos: global - Lilaglad

2 AdMob

AdMob -
"AdMob by Google is a mobile advertising platform that you can use to generate revenue from your app."

Ad formats: native, video, interstitial
Top geos: global - Lilaglad

3 Mopub

"Maximize revenue for every ad impression with a platform that enables price competition between programmatic buyers and networks."

Ad formats: banners, rich Media
Top geos: global, US - Lilaglad

4 Disqus

Disqus -
"It is a complex platform with multiple audience growing and engaging solutions."

Ad formats: native
Top Geos: global - Lilaglad

5 OpenX

OpenX -
"Creating Quality Programmatic Advertising Markets That Drive Superior Monetization for Publishers."

Ad formats: native, mobile, In-Apps
Top Geos: global - Lilaglad

6 PubMatic

PubMatic -
"Pubmatic has a very clean interface and the reporting is very flexible."

Ad formats: native
Top Geos: US - Lilaglad

7 AppLovin

AppLovin -
"AppLovin's marketing platform provides marketing automation and analytics for brands that want to reach new consumers on mobile."

Ad formats: video, native, interstitial, banner
Top Geos: US - Lilaglad

8 Unity Ads

Unity Ads -

"It is one of the best SSPs for mobile games from Unity Technologies."
Ad formats: video
Top Geos: global - Lilaglad

9 SmartyAds

SmartyAds -

" Our supply side platform becomes a powerful asset helping publishers to monetize digital inventory faster than the blink of an eye "

Ad formats: mobile, native, video display, In-app ads

Top geos: global - Lilaglad

10 Smart AdServer

Smart AdServer -
"Integrated platform for advertising server and RTB
for managing all digital campaigns"
Ad formats: display
Top Geos: global - Lilaglad

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11 Clickky
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