Top Ten Supreme Commander Vanilla/Forged Alliance UEF Units

Many of us have played this epic RTS game,so which is your favorite unit? (no experimental units )

The Top Ten

1 T3 Heavy Gunship

I just love this unit - Toucan

2 Janus T2 Fighter/Bomber

It's fast to make,reliable and in my opinion the best fighter bomber in FA and in the patched version of sup com 1 it serves as an excellent bomber - Toucan

3 T2 Gunship

I just love it - Toucan

4 T2 Gatling Bot

Great range and use and can be added by a patch in sip com 1 - Toucan

5 UEF T3 Mobile Heavy Artillery

Once it was able to demolish a full fleet of cruisers and destroyers,works well when positioned near the beach or it taking out stray acu - Toucan

6 Summit T3 Battleship

Pair em with t3 spy planes and some anti sub ships or subs and maybe a few frigates or cruisers and this shall be an effective weapon,it can snipe out acu'is or destroy bases from a safe distance - Toucan

7 Titan T3 Siege Assault Bot
8 Lobo T1 Artillery
9 Governor T2 Cruiser

Love those tac missile launchers - Toucan

10 Striker T1 Tank
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