Top Ten Surprising Facts About Donald Trump and His Life

This list may be boring, but if you are a Trump supporter, you might want to know about him more. Even facts before he started his campaign. I am not a supporter of him, but he is our new president, so lets see how that goes. You might not even know these facts.

The Top Ten

1 When Donald Trump was 13, he was sent to a military academy and had to leave his family and his luxurious life

I knew nothing about Donald Trump until he started running for president.

2 Donald Trump played a role in the movie The Little Rascals and other movies and TV shows

He's made cameos in a few films. He had one in Home Alone 2 (which I hadn't noticed till this past December lol).

I was watching Home Alone 2 when I realized 'Hey, is that Donald Trump? '. Surprisingly, it was! - micahisthebest

This one kinda makes me laugh for some reason.

I remember seeing him in Home Alone 2. - DCfnaf

3 Donald Trump was strongly influenced by his father's career in real estate development
4 He married Melania Trump in January 22, 2005 and was married to Ivana Trump and Marla Maples before
5 On June 16, 2015, he announced running for president for the Republican ticket
6 Due to the statements Donald Trump said about Mexicans, NBC lost business ties with him
7 In 1996, he got ownership of Miss Universe Organization

Reading between the lines, this reads: In 1996, he got hold of Miss Universe... - Britgirl

8 He completed Trump world Tower in 2001 which is a 72-storey building
9 He hosted many wrestle mania events at Trump Plaza, he even bought the WWE RAW show
10 He wrote books, with one of them being 'Trump: The Art of the Deal'

The Contenders

11 He hosted The Apprentice for 14 seasons
12 He was very naughty as a child.

No kidding, I read that he threw stones at toddlers in a cage and had bragged about giving his teacher a black eye.

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