Top Ten Surprising Facts About Population

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1 India is More Populated Than the Entire African Continent

China as well of course, I mentioned India because India is even less populated than China

2 There are 2x More Kangaroos in Australia Than Humans

And it's right until it does not changes.

What? Wait... What?

3 Half of the World's Population Lives in a "Small" Circle, Which Includes China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Mianmar, South Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, North Korea, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and Bhutan

Population in 2015 in millions (rounded)
China: 1350
India: 1220
Indonesia: 251
Bangladesh: 164
Japan: 127
Philippines: 106
Vietnam: 92
Thailand: 68
Mianmar: 55
South Korea: 49
Nepal: 31
Malaysia: 30
North Korea: 25
Taiwan: 23
Sri Lanka: 22
Cambodia: 15
Laos: 7
Mongolia: 3
Bhutan: 1

Which is around 3600 million people (51.4% of the world)

4 With the Exception of Central and Eastern Europe, the Population is Growing All Over the World

In other european countries with a slower tempo, but around the world the population growing very fast.

5 Bangladesh is More Populated Than Russia

Yes, it is.
Bangladesh: 169 million people in 2017
Russia: 144 million people in 2017

6 Between the European Capital Cities London, Paris and Berlin, Only London Reached the Pre-World War 2 Population Number in 2015

"Why are you using commas where you should be using decimal points? " I'm from Hungary and sorry I'm always forgetting about it's quite the contrary in the english language areas...

London had 8.5 million people in 1939, and it reached again in 2015 (now in 2017 London has 8.7 million people)
Paris had 3 million people in 1939, now it has 2.4 million
Berlin had 4.5 million people in 1939, now it has 3.6 million

7 The Chinese City Shanghai is More Populated Than Australia, and It's the Only City Which is More Populated Than Australia, Without Agglomeration

Shanghai has 25 million people in 2017, while Australia has 24.6 million (both are estimated)

8 Rome (Italy) and Alexandria (Egypt) Were the Only Cities Which Had More Than 1 Million Inhabitants B.C.
9 Only 5, 1 Million British People Live in London, the Other 3, 6 Million People are Other Nationalities
10 The U.S. State California is More Populated Than Canada

California: 39 million people
Canada: 35 million people

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11 Greater Tokyo is more populated than Canada
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