What Randomator Got Right/Wrong Week 1, 2019 Edition

Randomator Well...Week 1 is in the books. I’m doing something this year I haven’t done before. Predicting every game. Here’s what we have for week 1.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
We kickoff the NFL season with a historic rivalry game. Unfortunately for us it’s a very sluggish and sloppy game. Trubisky looked awful while Rodgers looked rusty for most of the game. At the end of the day it is the Packers standing victorious after Rodgers figured things out.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Jacksonville Jaguars
✅ (1-1)
Kansas City feasted on the Jaguars pretty much all game long. Sammy Watkins in particular ate up the Sacksonville Defense. Unfortunately for Sacksonville Abbey Saint Nicholas the great Foles was injured in the first quarter. He’ll be out for a significant amount of time. Overall outside of a few things this was exactly what I expected

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns
❌ (1-2)
The Hype Train stumbled right out of the gates. Tennessee Literally reminded us that these are the Cleveland Browns. The offense for Cleveland was a massive disappointment. Tennessee didn’t just win no they won convincingly. If you would have said Tennessee would blow Cleveland off their home soil 43-13 everyone would think you were crazy. Well here we are now.

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens
✅ (2-2)
Hey 911 I’d like to report a Murder scene in Miami.... I think the Baltimore Ravens are absolutely destroying the Miami Dolphins...oh there’s blood shed alright. Lamar Jackson is literally knocking them unconscious. How about a score of 59-10... yes this is an NFL score and not an Alabama vs Rutgers score

Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons
✅ (3-2)
The Vikings mauled the Falcons at home. Rough day for Atlanta as Dalvin Cook ran all over them and the Purple People Eaters couldn’t have had a better game.# SKOL

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
✅ (4-2)
Buffalo started off pretty bad down 16-0 to the Buttfumble but in typical Jets fashion they Buttfumbled. Darnold and Bell could be a lethal duo but Josh Allen stole the show here coming away 17-16

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles
✅ (5-2)
Philadelphia looked a bit rusty at first but then DeSean Jackson happened as Philly stormed back to beat Washington. Eagles once again looking to be the class of the NFC East

Los Angeles Rams @ Carolina Panthers
✅ (6-2)
LA jumped out to a huge lead thanks to Goff and Gurley and spoiled Cam Newton’s return. The Panthers made a valiant effort to come back but the Rams hold on for a win over Carolina Who has now lost 8 of 9 dating back to last year.

Los Angeles Chargers Vs Indianapolis Colts
✅ (7-2)
Austin Ekeler was a hero for the Chargers in this one. Andrew Luck May be Gone but Indy still has some fight. Jacoby Brissett has a decent game but Phillip Rivers was even better. The Bolts escape with a rather ugly win

Seattle Seahawks vs Cincinnati Bengals
✅ (8-2)
Andy Dalton gave Seattle a scare in this one. One of the best games he’s had in his career. Unfortunately for Cincy Seattle woke up and realized they were playing the Bengals. Russell Wilson was able to Rally the Seahawks to victory with Tyler Lockett sealing the deal

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants
✅ (9-2)
The Cowboys looked pretty good in this one. Dak Prescott had himself a game. Like the Ravens it’s tough to judge them so early because they played the Giants.

Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals
✅❌ (9-2-1)
Should I give myself a tie here?
Well we have our first tie of the season. Detroit jumped out to a commanding 18 point lead which would be good enough for a lot of other teams to hold onto but this is the Lions. Kyler Murray leads the Cardinals back into the game and tied it up. Both teams blew chances to win so in the end we get an awkward tie where nobody’s happy.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers ❌ (9-3-1)
The Niners look alright for now. They didn’t have a stellar game but they got the job done. Winston’s struggles continue. Tampa how long are you gonna keep him? I don’t even think Arians can fix him.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots
✅ (10-3-1)
Yes the Patriots won this game. And they didn’t just win they blew Pittsburgh out of Foxborough all the way back to Heinz Field. Patriots looked almost unstoppable while the Steelers couldn’t get a stop or anything going for that matter. And the scariest part.... New England didn’t have Antonio Brown.

New Orleans Saints vs Houston Texans
✅ (11-3-1)

Now this was a wild game. Back and forth. Watson and Brees going at it trying to avoid 0-1. Watson led a potential game winning drive but Drew Brees 1 uped him. At the end of the day New Orleans escapes with Will Lutz being the ultimate hero.

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders
✅ (12-3-1)

We conclude the week with an AFC West tank bowl. The Raiders were dominant in the Black hole even without AB. Denver on the other hand couldn’t get anything going. Josh Jacobs and Tyrell Williams look like solid weapons for Carr to work with for now

Record: (12-3-1) 75%

Overall a solid week for me. Can’t tell if that’s because I was lucky or the matches were predictable but so far so good.

I expect chaos next week.. let’s see how wrong I am


Chi ❌
KC ✅
DET ❌✅?
SF ✅
NE ✅
NO ✅
DEN ❌ (Changed my pick at the last minute)

Record: 9-6-1 56%

Barely made it to.500 maybe I can bounce back next week tough week is always the first week not knowing what to expect. - htoutlaws2012

My original picks

Bears ❌

Chiefs ✅
Browns ❌
Ravens ✅
Falcons ❌
Bills ✅
Eagles ✅
Rams ✅

Chargers ✅
Seahawks ✅
Cowboys ✅
Lions ➖
49ers ✅

Patriots ✅

Saints ✅
Broncos ❌

Record: 11-4-1
Don’t think I’m making this up, but I shockingly got most of these right. Yeah, I thought my own Packers would lose, but that’s one I’m glad I was wrong about. Started off the season right, now I hope to continue my streak. - PackFan2005