Most Surprising Teams In German Football of the 2014/2015 Season

A list of the most surprising Teams in the first and second german football leagues of the 2014/2015 season (positively Or negatively).

The Top Ten

1 Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund Borussia Dortmund is a club in North Rhine-Westphaila in Germany founded in December 19, 1909 by unhappy men of a church soccer club at a pub at Dortmund . The name Borussia came from the Latin name of a beer in a nearby brewery there . They used to wear blue and white with a red sash but then started more.

Normally a candidate for the Bundesliga champion, Borussia Dortmund are now on the last (! ) place of the table. - IcefoxX

2 FC Augsburg

FC Augsburg was always a candidate for relegation to the second league, but this year, they are on the Champions League Qualification position on the table. - IcefoxX

3 SV Darmstadt 98

Coming from the 3. League, SV Darmstadt were not pretty high rated, but at the moment, they are on the second place of the table of the 2. Bundesliga. - IcefoxX

4 1. FC Nürnberg

As the Football Club from Nuremberg relegated, everybody thought they have the quality to make it back to the Bundesliga, but they are having troubles as they are at the second half of the table. - IcefoxX

5 1. FC Heidenheim

The team from the little city where I was born, that was a few years ago in the 5th league, and nobody ever thought they are going to remain in the second league, made it temporary on the third place of the league. At the moment, they are 8th. - IcefoxX

6 FC Ingolstadt 04

FC Ingolstadt were coming to the second league only two years ago, now they are lonely on the top of the table of the league. - IcefoxX

7 SC Paderborn 07

Paderborn, who have a low-budget team, made it at the beginning of the season on the first place for a few weeks, and after that they were in the middle of the table, but now, in the second half of the season, they got down to the 15th place. - IcefoxX

8 VfL Wolfsburg

With the second best defense and offense in the league, VfL Wolfsburg are on the second place, following FC Bayern. - IcefoxX

9 Werder Bremen

With an older team, Werder Bremen started really bad in the season with coach Robin Dutt. After he got fired, Viktor Skripnik got coach. He used young players, and they got now from the last places to the 8th and are so far the best team of the season's second half. - IcefoxX

10 TSV 1860 München

1860 München were rated as a candidate for going up to the Bundesliga, but now, they are on the 16th place of the league, and losing Game after Game. At least they have the best goal scorer of the league with Rubin Okotie. - IcefoxX

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