Top Ten Most Surprising Things that Happened Involving TheTopTens in 2016


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21 Disney1994 preferred something over Liv and Maddie

Wow, this is so surprising...

This actually happened?! - 906389


22 Emberflight/Floppy Kitten Decided that She Wanted to Get Popular

Whom is this? this isn't suprising due to nobody knowing her,oh,and this happened to me - Nateawesomeness

V 2 Comments
23 Rainbow Dash Fans Started Being Hateful

They always were - TwilightKitsune

No they can't be hate full because remember Friendship is magic - Carri796

I am a Rainbow Dash fan and I have never once said anything hateful. I love TwilightKitsune.

UniCupcake(I don't have an account)

24 A Karel/Peach Fan is Trolling Hunnyqueen

It is true that I'm a Karel fan, but not a Peach fan. My favorite Mario character is Yoshi.

You seem to get half of that wrong.

25 ModernSpongebobSucks Can't Message Anymore V 2 Comments
26 Puga Got Suspended
27 TheYoshiPyro64 Can't Message Anymore V 1 Comment
28 Rainbow Dash Haters Discovered This Website

I'm the biggest Dash hater on this site and I joined in 2015 - TwilightKitsune

I discovered this site in 2015 and I became a user in 2016. - AnimeDrawer

V 1 Comment
29 XtremeNerdz12 got on the Most Lists By Users leader board in only a few months after joining

I got this too and so did 16 other users.

30 anonygirl Joined V 2 Comments
31 Neonco31 starts becoming interested in Rock and Metal music

You can see my profile to find my favorite rock and metal songs! - Neonco31

32 DCfnaf got 34 followers

Give him 100 followers. He deserves it for all his hard work. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Really? I thought he had over 100. - AlphaQ

Did not expect too many people to follow me. Thanks Guys!

Edit: And now I have FIFTY followers. - DCfnaf

33 Daisy Haters Found This Website
34 Pony Changed His Interests
35 BarneytheDinosarRocks Lost Haters
36 jack2244 Retired

Retired, returned, deleted his account, came back as ClimaxDome, and then I think that account was deleted too. - naFrovivuS

37 PeachyBusky Became a Thing
38 Weaboos Are Becoming More Common V 1 Comment
39 Anonygirl's Dad Died
40 Many MLP Fans joined

Jimico, HunterBrony101, CinamonXOXO, kindheart, PinkiePie87, and OrionPink joined. Who else? - Neonco31

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