Top Ten Most Surprising Things that Happened Involving TheTopTens in 2018

TTT has been peaceful until lately. A lot has happened. Let us see the shocking moments of TTT of the year 2018

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1 naFrovivuS Dies naFrovivuS Dies

This one came right out of the blue. Considering me and NaFrovivus used to talk occasionally, its no surprise his death shocked me. - CrimsonShark

Truly upsetting. I have no words for how sad this is. I wish I'd known him sooner. - CloudInvasion

RIP, lost but never forgotten but damn! What's going on with thetoptens now that I'm reading other items on this list?! I've only been off for a few months... - KianaLexi

*Cries* - Aurelia

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2 Puga vs. Gen-18 Puga vs. Gen-18

It went from that to being labeled the Infinity Wars which yes is a reference to the film coming out in 3 weeks, but I can't help it that's what it feels like. - htoutlaws2012

This could've been avoided had people not known not to rustle with the Chief. - CloudInvasion

I wouldn't call this surprising. - SomePersonYouHate

Poor Puga, lol - KingSlayer93316

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3 Lucretia goes Communist Lucretia goes Communist

She went communist, and then she went bye-bye. - CloudInvasion

I didn't know this was about events that were hilarious. No disrespect to anyone who was friends with him/her obviously, but the lists that came from this phase were really funny. - nerffan8000

This is genuinely something I didn't expect, now her account's gone she was a good friend but hopefully she drops this communist act.../ phase... - SomePersonYouHate

I don't even know who this is - toptendudes

From what I know, she was a very respected user, but then destroyed her resume by making a bunch of ridiculous lists based off a generally communist perspective. Many considered it poor trolling, although I didn't actually see any of the stuff she'd been doing. Long story short, she deleted her account. - CloudInvasion

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4 Sausagelover99 makes a list that gets remixed by over 20 toptenners Sausagelover99 makes a list that gets remixed by over 20 toptenners

There are lists with more remixes. I think Sausagelover99 added this here. - TeamRocket747

Not surprising, considering the original list sucked. - ResonatingScreamS

Why is this at #4? Who Cares? - Randomator

Nice image lmao - floral

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5 Removal of Dishonorable Mentions on user ranking lists Removal of Dishonorable Mentions on user ranking lists

I think that was a bad decision it reminds me when Admin removed the dislike button to. If people don't like certain users they should have the right to speak their opinion of why they don't like a user... - SomePersonYouHate

Another thing that Dishonorable mentions had done for a long time well in terms of user ranking list that is it maintained balanced of some popular lists. - htoutlaws2012

Don't hate me, but I am glad this happened. Talking behind someone's back is extremely disrespectful - 445956

I actually noticed you can't reply to comments on user ranking lists either. - allamassal

I think I'm the cause of this. I made a remix of users on thetoptens and added admin on DHMs. He suspended me after that. - TeamRocket747

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6 DCfnaf makes fun of XXXTentacion's death

DCfnaf is the type of guy who would fly all the way to Florida just to piss on X's grave. - Not_A_Weeaboo

He deleted the list but the damage has already been done. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Well his still high on the users list in the top 10 though unless people edited their remix, and put him off of it than the popularity takes it toll for sure. - htoutlaws2012

I question my rationale when I made that list to this very day! Unbelievable, huh? - DCfnaf

X was never a good singer/rapper, but it's not nice to mock his death. He probably has a family and friends who are grieving for him right now. - CharismaticKat

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7 Aragorn98 Retires

I still see his name pop up here and there. - CloudInvasion

He decided to come back. No worries. - TeamRocket747

He did? Holy crap, I have missed quite a lot here, haven't I? - isaaonrtdmtr

Don't know who this is - toptendudes

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8 The list of people who should get executed The list of people who should get executed

Seriously how did this list ever get approved. - egnomac

Just saw this list. No words for how dumb it is. - CloudInvasion

That was a dumb and immature list. It was just filled with trashy celebrities. - AnimeDrawer

I bet 99% of the people on that list are just lame singers and celebrities. - CharismaticKat

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9 Kevinsidis gets suspended Kevinsidis gets suspended

I want to kill myself I can't take the unbearable wrath of stupidity which makes me feel very hypocritical of people making mistakes shall not be forgiven but to be every regrets of every mistake and yet all the people in this website shall make no mistakes at all! Which they shall perish their own nature of being upon consciousness.Oh god OH God I need help really from my therapist which I haven't seen him in a month and I might have forgot about the appointment now this is the moment if failed I have to create a post and only Positronwildhawk will speak upon me Oh god I'm shattered- Kevinsidis

@Entranced98 remember we all beings get over tainted over time and it will be with us always and I didn't mean to say all that - Kevinsidis

Nice setup of the pictures! and It seems that I can't make a list of it but a post of it and this is going to be difficult it is easy of putting details on it and being cherished and brought to life but it's difficult of doing it by acceptance upon my consciousness inside my mind which I'm saying is I sense repulse of change and I'll overcome it soon I hope tomorrow I shall rise at dawn- Kevinsidis

1 week to go and by the way can someone restore light in head I need that orb real badly after I proofed all of you that I'm changed by my regrets list- Kevinsidis

On the brightness side he's finally out of suspension. I just hope he doesn't get suspended a third time. - isaaonrtdmtr

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10 B0S5J4M3S Gets 86 followers in his first month

Undeserving, not that much good content - iliekpiez

He's a great user, so I can't say I'm surprised! - Entranced98

I feel good for him! Hope he gets more in the near future! - Cyri

Good for him! - NightJinx

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The Newcomers

? lovefrombadlands deletes her account

She deleted all of her accounts, actually. Also, why would she delete her accounts? She said this was her favorite website. I don't get it.
Anyways, if you're reading this, Lia, please do come back. We miss you already. - TheFourthWorld

Definitely surprising, but you can't rule out the possibility that she just wanted to remake her account. - floral

This is about as surprising as Saw plot twists... not surprising at all... - CaptainMowzker

WHAT WHY NO- - ResonatingScreamS

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? Greyrose deletes her account

@LFB, Do you know why she did it? - SpectralOwl

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11 Puga gets suspended over an elimination game post

How many times has he gotten suspended? - CloudInvasion

I liked that elimination game... - lovefrombadlands

Again? Admin what? - Not_A_Weeaboo

Who is Puga, and what the hell is an elimination game post? - floral

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12 The layout of the Add List page was changed

This come out of no where - MrCoolC

I like the new add list page - toptendudes

Now I really want to make a list but I have no ideas :( - lovefrombadlands

I probably wasn’t here for the original layout, but I’ve never made a list. - mila34

13 ModernSpongeBobSucks gets mad at TwilightKitsune ModernSpongeBobSucks gets mad at TwilightKitsune

Oh, this petty crap. This isn't shocking as it is confusing. - isaaonrtdmtr

Okay, why is this so high? Like Adam said, this isn't shocking, it's just confusing. - CloudInvasion

I hope they're friends again. - ResonatingScreamS

You all need to grow up. - floral

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14 Catacorn got suspended Catacorn got suspended

I wonder what she has done to get herself suspended constantly and if it's because of me that's her fault she should've been like Sally ride of being emotionally stable and I have nothing to do with this- Kevinsidis

Yup, it's confirmed. Now, it's only a matter of time before they suspend me too - SpectralOwl

Why? She is a nice user, what did she do? - AnimeDrawer

Thankfully today she got unsuspended - Kevinsidis

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15 SamanthaW deletes her account

The new user "floral" shares a lot of similar opinions and list styles with her. I think she's back or a hacker deleted it. - 445956

So many decent users just killing off their accounts without a trace. Really upsetting. - CloudInvasion

I was sort of inactive and see this decent account get deleted, this is just sad. - MrCoolC

Doesn't seem like she would but I guess she did - toptendudes

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16 CostcoHotDogs's second and third account deleted likely by a hacker

According to the man himself, third account TheMariner was deleted by his parents. - CloudInvasion

Obviously his third account still got deleted by that hacker like how can some can't know that- Kevinsidis

Why a hacker - toptendudes

17 SomePersonYouHate deletes his account

How the hell is this surprising? Everyone saw it coming. I'm not coming back with another account. You might want me to but I won't. I might be predictable, but I refuse to associate myself with such a vile toxic community. I might be on RYM and BAND but that's it. If you give a damn about me, then find me on those sites. I'm permantley retired on this site. Hate me all you want but this site absolutely sucks. I just can't stand it. What's the point of this site? Freedom of speech is censored and I can't respect a site like that. - SomePersonYouHate/Jeff.

It's ridiculous how many times he's deleted his accounts. - CloudInvasion

I think he is back as CaptainMowzker because he has the same obsessions and things he hates - BlazinWraith

I thought this would happen - toptendudes

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18 Kevinsidis gets suspended again

*shakes my head really hard* I can't believe by my own orb of autistic vision that this happened of captainmowzker being a jerk to me while I'm sick my god he needs to grow some dignity and I did but really I regretted what I just said I sense that it's very Cruel of me and I'll make the Post soon on the 2nd semester of 8th grade which I'm going to be 14 and yet miss my birthday 2 months late when I come back.*Holographic ghost voice* I wished I was twilight zone and please leave me alone I just want to be happy for one moment please

I must confess...I was the one who got Kevinsidis suspended a third time. - CloudInvasion

He deserved his suspension. Threatening to kill a user and this site's administration is not necessary at all. I hate to be against a user. But there's simply no defending the stuff he said... there really isn't... - CaptainMowzker

@Cloudinvasion but still thank you for making their wrath perish and making them stop yet still

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19 /pol/ invades TheTopTens

They have been hacking lists to put Anti-Semitic items high up. Currently, Hitler is ranked the number 1 best Politician of all Time and Anne Frank is ranked the 4th Least Sad Death of all Time. This is bad, this is really bad. - 445956

I also saw Hitler at #1 on Best Politicians, when he should be nowhere near the top 10. Bots detected. - allamassal

Oh no. The people from 4chan (where alt-right weirdos spawn from) have found TheTopTens and lists like Best Politicians of All Time are now hacked with anti-Semitic items being bot-voted to the top. - allamassal

20 Backlash against Selfiefan68

I honestly don't find this surprising. - CloudInvasion

She roasted me and my brother (yes, a stumped human is my brother) for us hating Bieber. - TeamRocket747

Well duh have you read his posts - toptendudes

And selfie likes a list offensive to Christians. - TeamRocket747

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21 The initial limit for daily lists is now 2 instead of 3

I had no idea about this until now. It was 3 when I made my last list not even a week ago. - 3DG20

The new layout seriously confused me after I first came back. - isaaonrtdmtr

I can kinda understand this - toptendudes

To be honest, 2 is fine. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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22 Lovefrombadlands got 90 followers in a month

Congrats, she is an awesome user and deserves it. - AnimeDrawer

How is this surprising? She totally deserves it! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

That's incredible - Randomator

She deserves it - KingSlayer93316

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23 SpectralOwl Hits 100 Followers

Love the list, SpectralOwl - FollowMeNow

He is awesome, so congrats! - AnimeDrawer

Good for him - toptendudes

Congrats - Randomator

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24 Puga gets suspended the same day he was unsuspended

How? - Randomator

That’s upsetting. - lovefrombadlands

Again? admin. why. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Because he made a list that was meant purposely to tick me off. But I didn't report it - 445956

Damn it admin (again) - toptendudes

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25 NuMetalManiak reaches 200 followers and 911 lists.

911 lists well I'm not going to say what that sounds like but good for him - toptendudes

Cool! - lovefrombadlands

26 htoutlaws2012 surpasses PositronWildhawk in followers

Now he just needs to surpass Britgirl. Let's see if he can do it. - CloudInvasion

Well deserved, that's for sure. - floral

Cool on his way to a million - toptendudes

I knew this would happen - toptendudes

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27 codydoestuff returned

Cody seems like a pretty cool dude. I wonder what stuff he does... - isaaonrtdmtr

NANI?! - codydoestuff

He's cool..glad he returned - Ananya

I don't know who this is - toptendudes

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28 GodIsHell retires and becomes DarkMatter1997

I now just post random crap on this current account of mine. It's mostly harmless. - DarkMatter1997

He still uses godishell just not as much - toptendudes

29 Pocorn deletes his account

His account is still up. Along with his billion other ones. - CloudInvasion

Not exactly I just remade it but the original account is gone and it's 7 other one's now - toptendudes

I remade my account just so you know (but the original is still gone) - toptendudes

30 Randomator deletes his second account Randomator deletes his second account

Nope. Not surprising. It was his second account, and he has a lot more in his first. - CloudInvasion

It seems that every week, a gen-18 user deletes their account. First it was marioninja
Then kiyomi
then greyrose
then gametheorysucks

I feel like this gen-18 "Infinity war" is secretly still happening" - SpectralOwl

31 All Amazon Links Are Removed From TheTopTens Lists

To be honest, I don't think anyone even used them. - CloudInvasion

There were Amazon links on TheTopTens? - lovefrombadlands

No one used these anyway - toptendudes

That’s good, I don’t want annoying ads in the way. There is a lot of weaboo ads on mangas and stuff too. - AnimeDrawer

32 Lucretia deletes her account

Surprising? Nope. - CloudInvasion

She got BANNED NOT deleted! - Kevinsidis

My god Lucretia has perished admin why struck wrath upon her! - Kevinsidis

I didn't get banned though, promise I voluntarily deleted it. 💘, Eikeen

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33 AnnieCallie bashes dita von teese
34 Sausagelover99 retires

Not surprising, no offense. Well, he did make that wiki about himself, and he did only have 16 followers... - ResonatingScreamS

Yeah, not surprised there. He wasn't really a role model in this site. - isaaonrtdmtr

35 AlphaQ gets suspended again AlphaQ gets suspended again

Why does admin always love suspending users soon after they are free?
*Sarcastically* I wonder why... - SpectralOwl

Why? I didn't even know...
Man he's such a great friend of mine...:((
Hope he returns soon ☹️☹️ - Ananya

Apparently he called the Bee Movie an ‘X Rated Hentai’ and called Shrek an ‘R18 Minecraft anime’.

That’s just harmless joking, my god!

36 Dunumbertwo gets suspended Dunumbertwo gets suspended

What did Du do? - CloudInvasion

37 MarioNinja101 deletes her account MarioNinja101 deletes her account

I really thought she was going to stay... - TheFourthWorld

Her parents forced her to delete it. - DarkMatter1997

38 MindCrime Retires

Sounds gangster, should come back. - FollowMeNow

Wrong, I was messaging him today. - isaaonrtdmtr

MindCrime is back though. His username is NightmareCinema, he followed me...

He's back as nightmarecinema - toptendudes

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39 boygenius234 gets 100 followers in less than a year

Congratulations on your followers! - lovefrombadlands

40 Randomator reaches 100 followers

Yay! - lovefrombadlands

41 Sausagelover99 Gets suspended

He literally made a wiki of himself, made a list of people he should date that wasn't a community list, thought there would be a movie about offense to him, but I'm not very surprised. - ResonatingScreamS

Not suprising - Drawbox

42 isaaonrtdmtr retires

It's a shame he couldn't reach the potential he had. - CloudInvasion

I'm not gone yet but I'll be forever off the Internet soon. - isaaonrtdmtr

43 Speed gets unsuspended

I'm glad!
Someone framed him...and he got suspended
Let me tell you - he didn't do anything wrong at all. - Ananya

Everyone should be aware he is on the loose- Kevinsidis

44 Teamrocket747 suspended and returns in May
45 Reltihfloda gets suspended
46 isaaonrtdmtr officially retires

This is already on the list. - CloudInvasion

47 htoutlaws2012 reaches 700 followers

People like him are getting hundreds of followers when I get excited with only 35 (35 is my total of followers right now)

Well, it's not a surprise due to how hardworking he is, and leading a community here - SpectralOwl

He is one of the best users on the site, he deserves it. - AnimeDrawer

Let’s get him to 1000 followers! - MrCoolC

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48 AlphaQ has disappeared a few times

First RiverClanRocks and now him. His disappearances are more frequent for some reason.

Yeah, that’s really strange, he comes back then disappears. - AnimeDrawer

When I bak I ll explain erryting I'm so sry - alphaq

49 The worst websites Wikia's page on TheTopTens gets vandalized

They deserved it - SpectralOwl

50 Gamermike35 Gets Terminated
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2. Lucretia goes Communist
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1. Lucretia goes Communist
2. naFrovivuS Dies
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