Top Ten Most Surprising Things that Happened Involving TheTopTens in 2018

TTT has been peaceful until lately. A lot has happened. Let us see the shocking moments of TTT of the year 2018
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1 Puga vs. Gen-18

It went from that to being labeled the Infinity Wars which yes is a reference to the film coming out in 3 weeks, but I can't help it that's what it feels like.

I was on strike during this war, and I'll be honest, I really wish I stepped in and tried to knock some sense into the people involved.

I heard about this crazy situation. I know people compare it to Infinity War, but if you ask me, I consider this to be the Toptenners' Great Depression.

Well technically I'm not Gen-18 considering how I made my first account in June of 2017. I also wasn't involved in this war or anything.

2 Lucretia goes Communist

This wasn't surprising, though as people change their political views all the time, especially people that see reasons too. Of course, you can trust this visitor... the deleting was also for a different reason, trust me.

I didn't know this was about events that were hilarious. No disrespect to anyone who was friends with him/her obviously, but the lists that came from this phase were really funny.

I don't think she ever went communist, she had a Mussolini profile picture and she compared fascism to toptenners

All you had o do was not abandon your respectable self, now look where you got yourself

3 DCfnaf makes fun of XXXTentacion's death

Well, it's been a couple months since this whole thing happened, and I think I should've come across it in a more mature fashion. The thing is, the way DC came across the list in particular wasn't a bright thing to do, but it wasn't really the most offensive thing in my ever-changing opinion. In spite of some of the rather questionable comments DC made on the list.
The problem was, the "joke" came too early. He made the list a day after X was pronounced dead, which is why the reaction was so strong. However, DC obviously wasn't the only one doing this, but it seems he's one that learned from this incident.
And I've learned my lesson too. I shouldn't be so offended over certain things. That just puts me under the stereotype of gen-18 that still continues to resonate.

Update: Alright, I might have overreacted about this incident, I mean, it's pretty screwed up to say someone's death is "justified", but I think it's pretty clear that even the creator of the list admitted he never wanted to make this list after seeing all the backlash. And after digging through some social media and websites, I see that DC isn't the only one who did this. Hell, some of them we're 3 times worse than what he said, and they didn't show any sign of remorse. In conclusion I just wanna say we should try to forget about this and move on.

Anything and everything can be AND IS funny, it just depends on the person. Just cause you think something isn't funny, doesn't mean it isn't funny / someone else won't think its funny. " there's nothing funny about blank- false. If you don't find something funny, that's your problem, you aren't necessarily the better person for not laughing at something.

I frankly quite agree that users are frankly quite overreacting of Dc's joke. But in my opinion, it is not being deployed at the right time. Please don't scar me of my opinion! - Kevinsidis

4 DapperPickle says something awful about TwilightKitsune's suicide attempt

Ah, I can essentially taste the hatred.

Fine, let me explain myself - this is one of the few times I'm happy the dislike button is no more.

Look, I didn't really mean what I said, okay? It was, for the most part, after a fit of rage for being attacked constantly by everybody after I did a few...regrettable things. I tried killing myself less than a week ago so I obviously am not in the right state of mind right now, I can show you proof of that if you want it. I'll say that it was a bit immature of some people to also say I deserved to die myself after I said that because it's just a bit childish and hypocritical, sure I said it but it's not really right for them to say the same thing to me. If you want any more detail message me, I'll be glad to provide more reasoning in my defense.

I don't know TwilightKitsune, but from what I heard, she's really nice and a good user. I hope she's fine now. Because nobody deserves this.

Haha idiots what pickle did was stupid but you should realize twilight is like that but with muslims

TwilightKitsune attempted suicide?! Oh no... They're both great users and I've messaged TwilightKitsune before and she's REALLY nice.

5 Removal of Dishonorable Mentions on user ranking lists

Don't hate me, but I am glad this happened. Talking behind someone's back is extremely disrespectful

I'm glad that this feature has been removed because it stops people from writing hate comments down.

I think I'm the cause of this. I made a remix of users on thetoptens and added admin on DHMs. He suspended me after that.

Hating on a user is not the same as hating on jake paul people, so I think this was good

6 /pol/ invades TheTopTens

I personally wouldn't consider mass-voting on one or two lists to be an invasion. The Dimash and Gurmeet stuff, on the other hand, has taken over so many lists that you're unlikely to leave this site without knowing their names.

Additionally, this site's format is so exploitable it isn't even funny. Top-ten lists that rank highly on search engines and are incredibly simple to add on to? That's good enough, but factor in how little admin cares, and you've got yourself a winning combination.

They have been hacking lists to put Anti-Semitic items high up. Currently, Hitler is ranked the number 1 best Politician of all Time and Anne Frank is ranked the 4th Least Sad Death of all Time. This is bad, this is really bad.

This is why I spend as little time as possible on political lists now. Will anyone take this site seriously if the man whose name is used as a metaphor for evil is #1 on BEST Politicians?!

Oh no. The people from 4chan (where alt-right weirdos spawn from) have found TheTopTens and lists like Best Politicians of All Time are now hacked with anti-Semitic items being bot-voted to the top.

7 The list of people who should get executed

Seriously how did this list ever get approved.

Wow, what an immature list that was, how did it get approved anyway? , isn't that against the terms of service?

Just because reputation is a terrible album doesn't mean you could execute Taylor Swift

The list looks more sensible now, but when it was created it was just full of celebrities. Just look at the creator's remix. Seriously?

8 Sausagelover99 makes a list that gets remixed by over 20 toptenners

Why is this at #4? Who Cares?

Who gives a crap

I just remixed the list, wow can't believe so many of us remixed it to get the horrible movie foodfight and other terrible films at the top

This list has more remixes than 20 though

9 Many gen-18 users deleted their accounts

My account isn't going anywhere, I can guarantee you that.

You mean half?

The remaining ones:
about 15

I’m gen-18 and I’m not deleting my account.

10 The layout of the Add List page was changed

It's an improvement on every level. It's better arranged and gives you more possibilities. - Martin_Canine

It's better too, I used to miss the old one but I've grown to like this one too - darthvadern

This come out of no where - MrCoolC

Sadly I never even got to see it - DrayTopTens

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11 B0S5J4M3S Gets 86 followers in his first month

This reminds me when I got 600 scratch followers in a month on BookTV - TheILikeTrainsKid

And people like me are sitting in the corner and shouting helpless cries for more followers. - TriggerTrashKid

How to get lots of followers in a short amount of time: You have to be B0S5J4M3S

He's a great user, so I can't say I'm surprised! - Entranced98

12 Somepersonyouhate's "depression strikes again" post

Way more surprising than my account's deletion. - SomePersonYouHate/Jeff.

13 Users are limited in a number of images that can be submitted in a 24 hour time period.

Well to me, it's surprising, but I guess it's necessary to do this. Most of the time, it takes a long time for the images we add to get approved.

It really surprised me, when I was going through my movies lists, trying to get images. I have to continue TOMORROW NOW! IT'S NOT FAIR!

Can you guys still add images? On all my current lists, there is no "add image" button anymore.

Why do we have to wait this long? It's so unnecessary.

14 Teamrocket747 death hoax

TR's brother AStumpedHuman went onto his account and stated TR committed suicide, many users thought it was a lie, myself included, TR revealed it was a lie and he was totally fine, crisis averted.
Surprising it was a hoax? Not really. Surprising he'd do something like this? Maybe.

I deleted my brothers account for saying my death was funny and thinking a suicide joke is funny. So yes, I am still alive. My brother was just being annoying.

Wow, it was a hoax this whole time? I totally fell for it then!

I could tell something was fishy about it

15 Xandermartin98 vs Gen 19 and Gen 18

This actually isn't happening, Xandermartin98 doesn't care if we criticize his lists, At this point we shouldn't feed him, he's an obvious troll, and I'm not retiring because someone makes a list of sex scenes in fanfictions

This didn't happen. Xandermartin98 doesn't really react when he sees all the hate comment in his perverted lists.

Xandermartin98 is actually a great user if you ignore his fetish lists. You should stop giving him a bad time.

Fake item alert

16 Aragorn98 Retires

Just today (8-6-18), I saw him on for a few minutes. He may be retired, but it looks like he returns every once and a while.

I think Admin accidentially snapped his fingers and now half the TheTopTens accounts are going to disappear. Who's next?

He's like, back and everything, which is cool because I like him

He did? Holy crap, I have missed quite a lot here, haven't I?

17 B1uenew Suspended

All is lost... The admin is officially a tyrant, Dictator, and Big Brother of this website. He won't even bother of punishing the trolls, deviants, and other tainted people of the website that doesn't represent anything tainted to him at all. Instead, he decided to unfairly punish the people who are trying to ward off against tyranny (Sure you may say about the rustlers) and leave the actual bad people on this site like his own twisted game of not caring using his own power with a single keen sense. There is no doubt that we are the players of his own wrath of dictatorship. - Kevinsidis

This is what I think happened.
Based off of what B1ueNew said, he tried criticizing a recent list title "Celebrities Who Deserved to Die In 2018". I'll leave the username disclosed just to be safe. Now I just want to say that I was able to get away with doing pretty much the same thing when DCfnaf had his little controversy, so it's safe to say the creator of this recent list reported people who criticized them (as opposed to DC who was able to have the list removed afterwards).
This would explain why I had my own comment on that list taken down. The creator of the list very likely reported it. And he likely reported others as well, including B1ueNew. I guess B1N was suspended because the report was formatted in such a way that it would make his criticism look devilish by comparison (I don't know how THAT would be possible, but who knows).
With that in mind, I'm not going to entirely blame the admins here for B1ue's suspension. I feel the creator of this list may have gone ...more

I expected this to happen in somewhere early 2019. But either way what TheToptens is trying to say is that if your a normal toptenner who criticizes someone for making a list about celebrating real life people deaths you are worthy enough of suspension but if YOU are the one celebrating deaths than It's okay and suitable for the site. I can realize why many hate TTT now. This is why it gets a bad rep.
- Your fortnite fan, B1ueNew

And here we have another rare list item that actually belongs here..
Seriously though, this is absolutely ridiculous. I guess admin likes to target random users
and Blue's right, admin's spoiling this website himself

18 MarioNinja101 deletes her account

And she was one of the few good remaining users of Gen-18

I really thought she was going to stay...

What? She was one of my favorite users :( :( :(

19 Kevinsidis gets suspended again

Alright, I've had it with tolerating you, Kev. Actually, I've had enough of it quite a while ago. As the owner of this list, I have seen all of your embarrassing, delusional comments trying to start pointless fights that while doing a pathetic job at winning them. And then you try to cause a bunch of disasters on BAND. And what do you do in result for all this madness? You blame it on your autism. But at the same time, you say you were cured by it. Please tell me this isn't hypocrisy. Back to kev, Do you not realize how much you are embarrassing the other users who actually are autistic? By creating a new low to expect from them? Thetoptens is one of the few sites out there on the internet that respects autistic people, and you, Kevinsidis, Are ruining the chances of thetoptens staying that way. First you blame your suspension all on Jada, then you get yourself in a pointless conflict with TwilightKitsune after sexually harassing catacorn for no apparent reason, and lastly, exposing ...more

All I could say is since this is the aftermath, uh, I hate Jeff less and during my serving, I just struggle with my tainted type wrath of anger, but the origin of my tainted anger all I could say that it's not my fault and the origin of my anger is unknown. I don't if I've been abused or anything I don't know... I don't like this at all.I've been "plagued."- Kevinsidis

He deserved his suspension. Threatening to kill a user and this site's administration is not necessary at all. I hate to be against a user. But there's simply no defending the stuff he said... there really isn't...

He did deserve it but his hate is getting old right now! He most likely regrets it! Get over it now! I can kinda understand why he did act the way he acted

20 Animedrawer Deletes Her Account

The most surprising and shocking thing of the year. She was my favourite user on this site and I was devastated to hear she deleted her account. - micahisthebest

Bro this one makes me so saddd! They W were both my bffs and now that I'm back,I'm sad to see her gone - Manlypants

I heard NC broke up with Animedrawer and I do not know the reason why. This-This-This-This puts much philosophical imagination upon me. I imagined and sensed that I suffered Tremendous loss about my future lover has died too soon and many tragic events between us that I could feel it and sense it upon my mind and imagination that I do not like it and I quite cry in tears of my own philosophical imagination. Do not get any ideas of me or anything, I sense much imagination with emotional philosophical concepts that people may find my mind full of oddities or the opposite of oddities. People will not understand this at all,unless, if someone could be in my shoes, if that will ever happen. I swear, I'm not insane, I'm just very different. - Kevinsidis

Although I would normally say this is surprising she was closer to being one of the last people I'd expect to delete their account - StarlightSpanks

21 Catacorn got suspended

I wonder what she has done to get herself suspended constantly and if it's because of me that's her fault she should've been like Sally ride of being emotionally stable and I have nothing to do with this- Kevinsidis

How come all these GOOD users get suspended while I am loose trolling this site and still haven't been suspended yet?

Yup, it's confirmed. Now, it's only a matter of time before they suspend me too

Admin, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? Stop suspending innocent users!

22 Puga gets suspended over an elimination game post

WOW!, he got suspended over a joke yet Xandermartin98 gets away with several brain fetish and Sex lists, How hypocritical

How many ties has this guy gotten suspended? Its more than me probably.

Worst suspension of all time to be honest

He's got suspended at least 3 times this year

23 Lovefrombadlands got 90 followers in a month

It will probably take me like two or three years to get this

Congrats, she is an awesome user and deserves it.

How is this surprising? She totally deserves it!

*sitting in the corner and crying*

24 Toptendudes gets suspended

I'm not surprised to be honest.

He's coming back in February least I can still find him on YouTube. - NightmareCinema


25 Puga gets suspended the same day he was unsuspended

Thanos is back!


That’s upsetting.

Again? admin. why.

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