Top Ten Most Surprising Things that Happened Involving TheTopTens in 2018

TTT has been peaceful until lately. A lot has happened. Let us see the shocking moments of TTT of the year 2018

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1 naFrovivuS Dies naFrovivuS Dies

This one came right out of the blue. Considering me and NaFrovivus used to talk occasionally, its no surprise his death shocked me. - CrimsonShark

Truly upsetting. I have no words for how sad this is. I wish I'd known him sooner. - CloudInvasion

I wish I knew him before he died. He seemed like such a down to earth person and he had great lists. Rest in peace. - 3DG20


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2 Puga vs. Gen-18 Puga vs. Gen-18

It went from that to being labeled the Infinity Wars which yes is a reference to the film coming out in 3 weeks, but I can't help it that's what it feels like. - htoutlaws2012

This could've been avoided had people not known not to rustle with the Chief. - CloudInvasion

What is gen-18?
Wait never mind I read other people's replies and what they said answers my question - CaptainKirk37

As for Gen 18, he totally honestly actually now obliterated souls. The souls and/or accounts of Gen 18. - ResonatingScreamS

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3 Lucretia goes Communist Lucretia goes Communist

She went communist, and then she went bye-bye. - CloudInvasion

This is genuinely something I didn't expect, now her account's gone she was a good friend but hopefully she drops this communist act.../ phase... - SomePersonYouHate

I didn't know this was about events that were hilarious. No disrespect to anyone who was friends with him/her obviously, but the lists that came from this phase were really funny. - nerffan8000

I chose that. What the hell did I do to make this site hate me?

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4 DCfnaf makes fun of XXXTentacion's death

Update: Alright, I might have overreacted about this incident, I mean, it's pretty screwed up to say someone's death is "justified", but I think it's pretty clear that even the creator of the list admitted he never wanted to make this list after seeing all the backlash. And after digging through some social media and websites, I see that DC isn't the only one who did this. Hell, some of them we're 3 times worse than what he said, and they didn't show any sign of remorse. In conclusion I just wanna say we should try to forget about this and move on. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Anything and everything can be AND IS funny, it just depends on the person. Just cause you think something isn't funny, doesn't mean it isn't funny / someone else won't think its funny. " there's nothing funny about blank- false. If you don't find something funny, that's your problem, you aren't necessarily the better person for not laughing at something. - RustyNail

If we didn't find the list to be anything of "dark humor" and found it "offensive," then criticize we will! Like you can't really stop someone from laughing at something, you can't stop someone from criticizing something. - CloudInvasion

I question my rationale when I made that list to this very day! Unbelievable, huh? - DCfnaf

You guys overreacted here - B1ueNew

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5 Removal of Dishonorable Mentions on user ranking lists Removal of Dishonorable Mentions on user ranking lists

I think that was a bad decision it reminds me when Admin removed the dislike button to. If people don't like certain users they should have the right to speak their opinion of why they don't like a user... - SomePersonYouHate

Another thing that Dishonorable mentions had done for a long time well in terms of user ranking list that is it maintained balanced of some popular lists. - htoutlaws2012

Don't hate me, but I am glad this happened. Talking behind someone's back is extremely disrespectful - 445956

I know, very disrespectful, how can they live with themselves? Oh the shame! - iliekpiez

I actually noticed you can't reply to comments on user ranking lists either. - allamassal

Only comment on them once a day? , that's pretty bad honestly, so if I want to comment I will have to wait 24 hours or get another electronic and log in and comment - B1ueNew

Hating on a user is not the same as hating on jake paul people, so I think this was good - B1ueNew

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6 Sausagelover99 makes a list that gets remixed by over 20 toptenners Sausagelover99 makes a list that gets remixed by over 20 toptenners

There are lists with more remixes. I think Sausagelover99 added this here. - TeamRocket747

Why is this at #4? Who Cares? - Randomator

Oh, that obvious troll. Did anyone care about him at all? - isaaonrtdmtr

Who cares? There are other lists with WAY more remixes - Camaro6

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7 The list of people who should get executed The list of people who should get executed

Seriously how did this list ever get approved. - egnomac

I bet 99% of the people on that list are just lame singers and celebrities. - CharismaticKat

Was Marilyn Manson on that list? Tell me honestly and I will make sure that list is removed.

Just saw this list. No words for how dumb it is. - CloudInvasion

Reason I'm questioning ever joining this site - pugiscool

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8 B0S5J4M3S Gets 86 followers in his first month

He's a great user, so I can't say I'm surprised! - Entranced98

I feel good for him! Hope he gets more in the near future! - Cyri

How to get lots of followers in a short amount of time: You have to be B0S5J4M3S

How did he got 86 in 1 month? - LeRoiDesSapins

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9 Catacorn got suspended Catacorn got suspended

How come all these GOOD users get suspended while I am loose trolling this site and still haven't been suspended yet? - TheInsomniac

Yup, it's confirmed. Now, it's only a matter of time before they suspend me too - SpectralOwl

I wonder what she has done to get herself suspended constantly and if it's because of me that's her fault she should've been like Sally ride of being emotionally stable and I have nothing to do with this- Kevinsidis

Why? She's a good user.

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10 Teamrocket747 death hoax

I deleted my brothers account for saying my death was funny and thinking a suicide joke is funny. So yes, I am still alive. My brother was just being annoying. - TeamRocket747

Wow, it was a hoax this whole time? I totally fell for it then!

This website reached a new low when this happened - SnowLeopard

I never heard about this. - PhoenixAura81

TeamRocket747 was falsely pronounced dead, leaving several users suspicious, and later he revealed he wasn't dead. I found it fishy from the moment I was told of it. - isaaonrtdmtr

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The Newcomers

? TheEvilNuggetCookie returns

Okay, whoever TheEvilNuggetCookie2 is, that person is not the same as TENC. Thus, this item is false. - isaaonrtdmtr

? Aragorn98 deletes his account

He was a decent user with some good lists. Seeing him kill off his hard work like that is pretty sad. Not surprising, considering how many users have deleted their accounts this year, but still, damn shame. - isaaonrtdmtr

It's not like he was posting anything super offensive. I get that list of his wasn't a smart move but damn give him a break already people. I'm just saying it was literally about a meme that was offensive to his way of thinking that's all.

Besides, he even said he could handle most autism jokes. He just thought this one was too far. - DarkMatter1997

Don't know why he deleted his account over one bad list - PeeledBanana

This was an unexpected event, for sure. - RandomThings

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The Contenders

11 Aragorn98 Retires

I still see his name pop up here and there. - CloudInvasion

Just today (8-6-18), I saw him on for a few minutes. He may be retired, but it looks like he returns every once and a while. - PackFan2005

I think Admin accidentially snapped his fingers and now half the TheTopTens accounts are going to disappear. Who's next? - TheInsomniac

Turns out it's me. I really didn't want to, but I'm so addicted to this site that I needed it to stop. I'll probably come back, though, - TheInsomniac

Now he deleted his account - B1ueNew

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12 /pol/ invades TheTopTens

I personally wouldn't consider mass-voting on one or two lists to be an invasion. The Dimash and Gurmeet stuff, on the other hand, has taken over so many lists that you're unlikely to leave this site without knowing their names.

Additionally, this site's format is so exploitable it isn't even funny. Top-ten lists that rank highly on search engines and are incredibly simple to add on to? That's good enough, but factor in how little admin cares, and you've got yourself a winning combination. - floral

This is why I spend as little time as possible on political lists now. Will anyone take this site seriously if the man whose name is used as a metaphor for evil is #1 on BEST Politicians?! - allamassal

They have been hacking lists to put Anti-Semitic items high up. Currently, Hitler is ranked the number 1 best Politician of all Time and Anne Frank is ranked the 4th Least Sad Death of all Time. This is bad, this is really bad. - 445956

Not only is Hitler #1, /pol/ added 400 comments saying he is "misunderstood" and "heroic", and sentimental crap like that - TheInsomniac

I never knew of this until now - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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13 Kevinsidis gets suspended again

I've responded to this bastard's comments, several times on BAND and on TheTopTens. Got to say that I'm getting tired of his crap. But, admittedly this has gone on for far too long. If he wants to keep being a immature prick, then let him be one I don't care anymore. Quite frankly, I've grown tired of responding to him and his threats. He's a pathetic person, there's no debate about that. However I'm ending this here and now so it doesn't drag on to possibly a month. Whatever he does from this point forward, I could careless about. I've got better things to do with my time, then constantly giving him the fuel he needs to be a incompetent waste. I'm done, and this rivalry is over end of story. I won't forgive him, but I'll just stop feeding him and that's enough for me. - CaptainMowzker

@Captainmowzker Hmmm... It is really starting to get old that you made many inaccuracies about me definitely that is why... I was making these comments toward you on youtube because I do not Overreact to criticism Ridiculous! That is because you made inaccuracies on your video Ok you got the events correct and labeled but the information is just altered Ok you frankly QUITE have some good points on your video but the inaccuracies is total butthurt and I was about to correct it anyway and As I say now I will be more mature by changing my whole ego and just accepting criticism to improve even more when I come back and you are just a very complicated man you really do not understand me at all so as the others and that is Ok and I just forgave Cloudinvasion of being quite harsh toward me and I am not mad at other users who stood up against me just everyone Except you because you started the conflict while at a bad time and made it worse by your own art of criticism it is inefficient to me ...more

Prove how I made inaccuracies, oh wait you can't. Because you don't have a functioning brain to do so.. - CaptainMowzker

What? I just said that YOU are in college and I Said I'M in 8th grade advance class(honors) you just give yourself away an example that you always assume wrong now that's one and I will finish the rest by making another YouTube video this time I will watch your video which I will never watch it again but I will then I'll cover all the angles but I am not in the mood because I have a breakdown which leads me to have fits and literally me crying because you're impossible to reason with but now I just want to recover and I am starting to recover since hours ago and I just assume that you are hurt over my wrath but OK I apologize for that mistake and I'm ignoring you now expect me to respond to you except on YouTube later on... And You meant mentally impossible well only child prodigies can achieve that type of status of going to college at a young age at a rare percentage only look up William James Sidis for example my role model goodbye..

I'm not in College, I'm in High school that's a big assumption you've made yourself. The hypocrisy is ripe and strong. Also kid, I don't care about who inspires you I really don't. I don't care if my insults make you cry, I really don't. Also your petty little threats, only annoy me and that's it. Also for a guy that claims to ignore me you're doing a poor job of it. And no college that I know of, would ever accept a thirteen year old kid. - CaptainMowzker

This isn’t really surprising considering some of the things I’ve heard about him. - 3DG20

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14 The layout of the Add List page was changed

This come out of no where - MrCoolC

It's an improvement on every level. It's better arranged and gives you more possibilities. - Martin_Canine

Uurgh...I much prefer the old layout. Please bring back the older one, Admin - NightmareCinema the worst thing possible - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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15 Puga gets suspended over an elimination game post

How many times has he gotten suspended? - CloudInvasion

I liked that elimination game...

This really is not surprising... - CaptainMowzker

WOW!, he got suspended over a joke yet Xandermartin98 gets away with several brain fetish and Sex lists, How hypocritical - B1ueNew

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16 Lovefrombadlands got 90 followers in a month

Congrats, she is an awesome user and deserves it. - AnimeDrawer

How is this surprising? She totally deserves it! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

That's incredible - Randomator

Oh yeah, my bad first account had followers! Isn’t that cool? - saturatedsunrise

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17 Somepersonyouhate's "depression strikes again" post

Way more surprising than my account's deletion. - SomePersonYouHate/Jeff.

18 Toptendudes is banned from TheTopTens

He asked for it! This is so not surprising - Camaro6

Ha - iliekpiez

He basically asked to get banned lmao - PeeledBanana

This isn’t surprising. He wanted to be banned. He even made an account called terminateme. - 3DG20

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19 htoutlaws2012 surpasses PositronWildhawk in followers

Woah. I wonder how mad that made him. Well, they both have way more followers than I do. And they're awesome users. - PhoenixAura81

Well deserved, that's for sure.

Now he just needs to surpass Britgirl. Let's see if he can do it. - CloudInvasion


PW is dope too but I’m closer to htoutlaws my man as a friend. - AlphaQ

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20 MarioNinja101 deletes her account MarioNinja101 deletes her account

I really thought she was going to stay... - TheFourthWorld

And she was one of the few good remaining users of Gen-18 - NightmareCinema

Her parents forced her to delete it. - DarkMatter1997

What? She was one of my favorite users :( :( :( - Drawbox

21 Kevinsidis gets suspended Kevinsidis gets suspended

I want to kill myself I can't take the unbearable wrath of stupidity which makes me feel very hypocritical of people making mistakes shall not be forgiven but to be every regrets of every mistake and yet all the people in this website shall make no mistakes at all! Which they shall perish their own nature of being upon consciousness.Oh god OH God I need help really from my therapist which I haven't seen him in a month and I might have forgot about the appointment now this is the moment if failed I have to create a post and only Positronwildhawk will speak upon me Oh god I'm shattered- Kevinsidis

@Entranced98 remember we all beings get over tainted over time and it will be with us always and I didn't mean to say all that - Kevinsidis

Nice setup of the pictures! and It seems that I can't make a list of it but a post of it and this is going to be difficult it is easy of putting details on it and being cherished and brought to life but it's difficult of doing it by acceptance upon my consciousness inside my mind which I'm saying is I sense repulse of change and I'll overcome it soon I hope tomorrow I shall rise at dawn- Kevinsidis

1 week to go and by the way can someone restore light in head I need that orb real badly after I proofed all of you that I'm changed by my regrets list- Kevinsidis

None of his suspensions are surprising. - floral

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22 ModernSpongeBobSucks gets mad at TwilightKitsune ModernSpongeBobSucks gets mad at TwilightKitsune

Oh, this petty crap. This isn't shocking as it is confusing. - isaaonrtdmtr

Okay, why is this so high? Like Adam said, this isn't shocking, it's just confusing. - CloudInvasion

I hope they're friends again. - ResonatingScreamS

What did they do to be mad at each other? - B1ueNew

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23 Puga gets suspended the same day he was unsuspended

Well, he's finally back. - CloudInvasion

How? - Randomator

That’s upsetting.

Ok, that's WEIRD! - PhoenixAura81

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24 CostcoHotDogs's second and third account deleted likely by a hacker

Of course /pol/ did that. - Gabo147

According to the man himself, third account TheMariner was deleted by his parents. - CloudInvasion

Obviously his third account still got deleted by that hacker like how can some can't know that- Kevinsidis

25 SamanthaW deletes her account

The new user "floral" shares a lot of similar opinions and list styles with her. I think she's back or a hacker deleted it. - 445956

I don't know why someone would bother to hack an account on a site like this. Seems pointless.

So many decent users just killing off their accounts without a trace. Really upsetting. - CloudInvasion

I was sort of inactive and see this decent account get deleted, this is just sad. - MrCoolC

She was such an extreme feminist. Glad she changed.

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26 Many gen-18 users deleted their accounts

Just another day on TheTopTens. - CloudInvasion

I'm NEVER deleting my account. - PhoenixAura81

I was able to write a terrible song about it. - ResonatingScreamS

Not me

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27 TheFourthWorld leaves unexpectedly.

Hmm I was about to say thanks to thefourthworld of her oral kind of her regretting herself of the conflict I was about question nightmarecinema of why being so hostile including saturatedsunrise but change of mind but but now I am neutral of this- Kevinsidis

No, this is not surprising at all. Also, I didn't leave. I just took a break...
Also, I was wrong... - TheFourthWorld

Apparently she got into a fight and is hurt over it. - isaaonrtdmtr

She said on her profile that she’s just taking a break. I don’t think she left. - PackFan2005

28 lovefrombadlands deletes her account lovefrombadlands deletes her account

The real reason she deleted her account was because of NightmareCinema. She falsely accused him of "bullying" her when he was just criticizing her. I find that to be a very immature and pathetic reason. If accusing someone of being a "bully" is "not so good stuff" then I just lost the small percentage of faith I had for Gen 19. - CaptainMowzker

STOP! Just...stop! Nobody knows the full story to her deletion, so stop doubling down on these stories! - CloudInvasion

She deleted all of her accounts, actually. Also, why would she delete her accounts? She said this was her favorite website. I don't get it.
Anyways, if you're reading this, Lia, please do come back. We miss you already. - TheFourthWorld

That's sad I miss her she was awesome and a great person to talk to and also what is with people deleting their account like why why are you deleting your account that makes me sad - Lpsgirl

Definitely surprising, but you can't rule out the possibility that she just wanted to remake her account.

Trust me, there's a lot more to why she deleted her account. Although I don't actually know anything specific. - CloudInvasion

Aw what. I was becoming good friends with her. - AlphaQ

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29 Toptendudes gets suspended

I'm not surprised to be honest. - CaptainMowzker least I can still find him on YouTube. - NightmareCinema


Guys I'm suspended - GalaxyCookies

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30 The "Top 10 Funniest Things That xandermartin98 Has Masturbated To" list is made

Along with the "numerous gen-18 users deleting their accounts" item, this was accidentally added twice.

Not surprising - iliekpiez

He was probably just trolling, but I’m kind of surprised the list went through. - 3DG20

31 The initial limit for daily lists is now 2 instead of 3

I had no idea about this until now. It was 3 when I made my last list not even a week ago. - 3DG20

I never make multiple lists a day, in fact, I make sure not to! So, I am perfectly fine. - saturatedsunrise

It's been changed to 3 now - Kevinsidis

To be honest, 2 is fine. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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32 445956 Retires

He actually messaged me last Sunday night saying simply "Goodbye". - allamassal

Not surprised at all... - CaptainMowzker

The most surprising thing about it is that I'm keeping my account up. - 445956

Nooo that’s my brother… - AlphaQ

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33 Nightmarecinema gets suspended

I promised myself not to acknowledge him anymore...but from what I heard about this I have to say all this was really stupid. Purposely getting suspended? Why? - CloudInvasion

Well technically that's on Annie for retiring for such a ridiculous reason. - CloudInvasion

*Sigh* I do not usually care anymore of this Enormous nonsense I am frankly neutral in this I do not frankly quite care anymore I will do some very important things involving mostly on school and other activities. I receive enough of tainted outbursts and even threats from this person. Goodbye tainted players...- Kevinsidis

Purposely getting suspended is stupid, no matter the context. - isaaonrtdmtr

I just heard about this today (9/1/18). How did he get suspended. - PhoenixAura81

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34 Backlash against Selfiefan68

She roasted me and my brother (yes, a stumped human is my brother) for us hating Bieber. - TeamRocket747

I honestly don't find this surprising. - CloudInvasion

And selfie likes a list offensive to Christians. - TeamRocket747

He's a racist

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35 Nonpointed comes out as transgender

This actually has been awhile now but I just thought to point it out today. - Nonpointed

Well I'm pansexual

I’ll Still be friends with you dude - AlphaQ

36 SomePersonYouHate deletes his account

How the hell is this surprising? Everyone saw it coming. I'm not coming back with another account. You might want me to but I won't. I might be predictable, but I refuse to associate myself with such a vile toxic community. I might be on RYM and BAND but that's it. If you give a damn about me, then find me on those sites. I'm permantley retired on this site. Hate me all you want but this site absolutely sucks. I just can't stand it. What's the point of this site? Freedom of speech is censored and I can't respect a site like that. - SomePersonYouHate/Jeff.

It's ridiculous how many times he's deleted his accounts. - CloudInvasion

I think he is back as CaptainMowzker because he has the same obsessions and things he hates

Me and him were great friends. - TeamRocket747

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37 SpectralOwl Hits 100 Followers

He is awesome, so congrats! - AnimeDrawer

That's a good thing

Yay SpectralOwl! - Camaro6

Go SpectralOwl :D - PhoenixAura81

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38 NuMetalManiak reaches 200 followers and 911 lists.

Good for them... I have only created 1 list so far and have no other ideas. Just wow. 911. - TheInsomniac


39 floral deletes her account

For the last damn time account deletions are not surprising at all... - CaptainMowzker

I have other accounts (like this one) to remix things. I just didn't want to be with the community.

Gen-17 and gen-18 are collapsing. - TeamRocket747

She is back with the same name. - Gabo147

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40 TheFourthWorld and NightmareCinema have a fight TheFourthWorld and NightmareCinema have a fight

This is one of the most petty "fights" I've ever had to know,about on this site. It's about as childish as you can really get. - isaaonrtdmtr

It had to do with NightmareCinema's relationship. And frankly I don't care about that topic. - isaaonrtdmtr

This was one of many. I was 100% right and I am not backing down from that statement - NightmareCinema

Wait, I thought they were super good friends. - PhoenixAura81

HA I love the picture 😂 - SnowLeopard

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41 The Encyclopedia Dramatica page on TheTopTens gets expanded

I hate how the rest of the internet hates us for a select few's actions. Overgeneralization is brutal. - Cyri

Encyclopedia Dramatica is full of 8 year olds anyway. - TeamRocket747

Can someone please add me to that page? Call me edgy if you want, lol. - ResonatingScreamS

And add me - lucretia

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42 GodIsHell retires and becomes DarkMatter1997

Both accounts were amazing. Darkmatter1997/GodIsHell is now one of my favorite users on this site. - PhoenixAura81

I now just post random crap on this current account of mine. It's mostly harmless. - DarkMatter1997

43 Sugarcubecorner deletes her account

I just searched it up. Nope, it's not deleted. - CloudInvasion

I don't think she did. - TheFourthWorld

No, it still pops up sometimes - Camaro6

When? - Userguy44

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44 AnimeDrawer and NightmareCinema become a couple

But why online dating and she actually older than you but just why? - Kevinsidis

Awesome! I thought He and TheFourthWorld would've been together because they're such good friends on this site. Please don't hate me for saying this, but that's just my thought. Sorry again. - PhoenixAura81

It's not surprising to be honest. I'm not telling you the reason... - TheFourthWorld

Yay! Congrats my friends. - AlphaQ

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45 Users are limited in a number of images that can be submitted in a 24 hour time period.

Well to me, it's surprising, but I guess it's necessary to do this. Most of the time, it takes a long time for the images we add to get approved. - TheFourthWorld

It really surprised me, when I was going through my movies lists, trying to get images. I have to continue TOMORROW NOW! IT'S NOT FAIR! - iliekpiez

Hopefully images will be uploaded faster - Randomator

What is the limit? - saturatedsunrise

Well, I don't know. When that message appears, it doesn't say what the limit is... - TheFourthWorld

46 LightningBlade admits that he was StrikingSteak

I've never seen striking streak

LightningBlade is still a good user - TwilightKitsune

What happened with StrikingSteak? - PhoenixAura81

What a shocker - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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47 RainbowDashsucks755 deletes her account

We might as well just add, "(blank) didn't delete their account" for the users still here, because at this point it's not surprising for users to delete their accounts - TheInsomniac

I'm retiring now. This is terrible. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye. - TeamRocket747

That's only the 45677th in recent memory - iliekpiez

She WHAT?!?! - PhoenixAura81

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48 Raincloud Deletes Her Account

Guys, stop. We need a community for this place to stand upon. - Cyri

I guess I can agree that my gen (Gen 18) is getting ridiculous with account deletions lol - StarlightSpanks

This is like what the 90023242489894th account that got deleted this year. It's not surprising... - CaptainMowzker

Who hasn't deleted an account at this point? I mean, even I deleted main account! (Zoocksycootserana) - RandomThings

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49 AnnieCallie bashes dita von teese

It becomes clear some items are only submitted to garner attention. I'm not surprised by someone's opinion on whatever this is. - isaaonrtdmtr

What is dita von teese? - allamassal

Because she doesn't deserve capitalization. If she's the new Justin Bieber on this site I won't mind.

Who’s that? - AlphaQ

50 Mila34 deletes her account

Stop it. Just stop it. No. End it all. Stop deleting your accounts. If it keeps happening, I'm retiring. Stop. Nope. It's time to stop. - TeamRocket747

Yeah why is everybody deleting their accounts and please don't retire man you are awesome and your right this deleting accounts thing on this website has to stop now - Lpsgirl

This actually happened like a month ago but was only added to this list now. Anyway, I had no idea it was Lia, and thought it was someone else. - allamassal

It's just sunrise's back up account

Update:Lovefrombadlands a.k.a saturated sunrise retired. I think this time it's for good.

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