Kevinsidis gets suspended again


@Captainmowzker uh I sense it now look I just said before that I wanted to end this conflict and I want to say one more thing he is just frankly right I went frankly quite hypersensitive and just too far of strucking wrath upon you and you do not need to worry anymore I am very sorry for this and thank you for ending the conflict and saying something meaningful upon my tainted ego and I do not want fight with you anymore I want to accept your criticism and I do want to be criticised by others I feel very bad for this and I want to make a change just for the sake of this time Thank you.

I love his repugnant immaturity it really does shine through... especially when he threatened to kill me over get this one VIDEO made about him. If that isn't immature, then quite frankly I don't know what is. - CaptainMowzker

I must confess...I was the one who got Kevinsidis suspended a third time. - CloudInvasion

He deserved his suspension. Threatening to kill a user and this site's administration is not necessary at all. I hate to be against a user. But there's simply no defending the stuff he said... there really isn't... - CaptainMowzker

Why do people even get suspended? I don't really know this user, but it seems pointless

As a punishment for doing things like adding random items to lists or threatening another user or something like that - TheInsomniac

I'm not going soft on this bastard especially after he told me to kill myself... - CaptainMowzker

@Cloudinvasion didn't you just read my whole point of view of autistic users who claim to be "bad" which I made a whole point of defending against "bad" autistic users which I'm one of them so can you read it again?

I'm sorry, but your grammar and punctuation is horrendous and I can barely read what you're even trying to say. - CloudInvasion

Knowing what he did to get suspended, how'd he have it happen again?

@Cloudinvasion if you meant that I should take care by that unbearable insult on my face it's impossible! Or I should be aware of my 3rd suspension if that or either I am very angry under the huge orb of fire that I act so hypersensitive that I reported her just for my own sacrifice! And that wouldn't be my fault it's hers and still you should've before!

@Cloudinvasion are you trying to be sarcastic because I don't think so and if so that's not my fault! I was in the toxic community of the Star legends app and they almost made me perish so Stop judging me like an hypocrite and mostly captainmowzker do you want me to die HUH?!

@Cloudinvasion and yet I'm going to decay throughout the 2nd semester until I come back and you just don't understand she insulted my AUTISM for the 1st time and my therapist is my only hope so if it's not successful that's on you!

@Cloudinvasion but still thank you for making their wrath perish and making them stop yet still

Now this is one of the most steep peaks of my controversy like ever and you guys just have no empathy at all not at all! And you guys just keep and bashing me well I SHALL make a post when I come back on the dawn of the 2nd semester and yes I get it I frankly deserve it but the unempathic beings out there are just ***wipes Just.Give.Me.A.Chance *bullet on mind*

@Captainmowzker by the way I did grow up I'm just saying that I had enough of you guys from your insufferable wrath Ok I promise that I'll make a post of my current controversy which it already destroyed my legacy the most all for a oblivious reason you are the one who needs to grow up emo jerk everything I said is the Truth and I'll never give in the unempathy never flawed being and so as cloudinvasion my previous controversies I get over it and I shall soon but this I'll never forgive good luck soon!

@Cloudinvasion that's right you should've reported her and then THIS shouldn't escalated between me and Blackvelvetdixe!

Well on the bright side, she can't contact you in any way. So nothing can escalate any further! - CloudInvasion

Thank you Cloudinvasion for standing up for me against their wrath and wait I didn't mean empathy of my actions(Not Catacorn I'm changed months ago get over it..) I meant forgiveness by having empathy upon my reason for my current controversy now but Thanks to cloudinvasion she explained everything but still I think it as too far since that I'm not triggered anymore but still she scarred me

I'm not standing up for you. I just don't want people adding fuel to the fire. - CloudInvasion

@Cloudinvasion fine but don't be so harsh next time like captainmowzker
... end of sentence

@Captainmowzker I am ignoring you my god I need Asian philosophy like Confucious from example thanks to this very zen YouTuber and I subscribe to him already man just take the insult anyway I am out of here! - Kevinsidis

Funny now you say you'll ignore me, when you constantly comment threats on my YouTube channel. You're a ridiculous hypocrite in every regard. Your words and insults are meaningless... just like you are a person... - CaptainMowzker

@captainmowzker shut up I don't care what you just said you are very much wrong and I don't care about you and I shall deserve empathy because I'm triggered that someone insulted my AUTISM for the 1st time and the administration or being so corrupted I mean I've been controversial just quite enough of you dwellings which is for poor reasons and now this third one I deserve but this unempathy is just plain too far and I'm very sick of it and this is just the worst community ever to have an emotional response upon that incident caused by an angled reason that's decent enough ok you knew the reason now stop it!
P.S I'm changed after about Catacorn get over it!

Both of you guys spectralowl and captainmowzker you are both very confused I didn't say I grew up because of my actions but I got over them and so as This current controversy and I just told you blackvelvetdixe offend my autism for the 1st time in my face of embarrassing and triggering me do still the severe unempathy is still undeserved because I told you more than couple of times and still!

@Spectralowl Your prediction of the probability of my actions is way incorrect I am not that wicked to do such a thing unless I've been harmed

@Captainmowzker perhaps a post will show off my maturity if it'll make you stifle your oral kind toward me!

Now both of you I harassed her because I never have an fiance and I convince her to fall in me and I'm just desperate but sadly I have to take force after many rejections by her and I feel very bad for myself and I quite feel bad of my current controversy by my comment which I sense is too far and I'm sorry OK I promise I will ...more

Whatever you say, just keep note that if you get suspended a fourth time, I won't be surprised - SpectralOwl