Top 10 Surprising Ways to Offend People In Different Countries

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1 Giving a thumbs up to somebody means "UP YOURS !" in Iran and some Middle East countries

So it's a thumb for them instead of the middle finger. - Kiteretsunu

2 In Muslim countries and India it is very rude to eat your food with left hand, the left hand is for bathroom duty.
3 Going to a dinner party in Argentina ? Make sure to be about an hour late as it's the sign of greed to be punctual

Oh, my God! You are SO right! Is that the reason we Arentinians and British people are so different? Nah... - keyson

4 Slurping your soup is impolite in Western countries, in Japan it's a good matter as it's the sign you're enjoying the food

I get in trouble when I do this. Then again, I don't live in Japan...

5 When someone gives you a business card, handle it with care, putting in a pocket would be offensive in Japan
6 The "okay sign" is rude in Turkey and Brazil, it resembles human anatomy
7 Don't beckon with your finger in the Philippines, it's considered fit for dogs and it's punishable by arrest
8 Filling only your own glass is impolite in Japan, you need to fill it with the person's beside you

Is it the person to your left or your right? - PositronWildhawk

9 Simply smile in Korea ?Smiling in Korea is insulting. Smiling at a stranger is an indication that you think they are stupid

Hello Korea! :) I love your amazing culture! :) And look, you're forming a mob! - PositronWildhawk

That's why they look all serious all the time. - Kiteretsunu

Me: You look great! I love your culture too. :)
Them: *starts attacking*
Me: *quickly retreats to Bulgaria* Okay okay, just calm down! :( - BorisRule

10 Complimenting someone's possessions like "I like your couch" in Arab and African nations can make your host feel awkwardly obliged to give you the item

I knew this. Curious! - keyson

The Contenders
11 Calling Australians New Zealanders and vise versa
12 Crossing your fingers is like flipping someone off in Vietnam
13 Outward palm means to hell with you in Greece, Pakistan, and Panama

This actually comes from the Byzantine Empire, where criminals would be tied to donkeys and left on the street to be humiliated. The townsfolk would rub ashes, cinder, dust, and even feces on the criminal.

14 In Finland, crossing your arms is considered a sign of arrogance.
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