Top Ten Surprisingly Good Disney Movies

If somebody adds frozen I’m gonna ask admin to remove it!
To me I thought beauty and the beast was gonna be cringey but it wasn’t that’s why it is number one.

The Top Ten

1 Beauty and the Beast (1991)

How was Frozen ranked #23?

I have this ranked as number one becuase when I heard about this film I thought it was stupid but now it’s my favorite Disney film while I was watching this film the moral just did karma back at me by saying not to judge a book (or in this case movie) by its cover I watched this first at my friends house who said this film was stupid but his brother liked it and instead of being a friend to my friend I became his brothers best friend funny right and I can relate to belle sort of. - Lovefromanothergalaxy

2 The Princess and the Frog

The sound of it sounded like your typical Disney princess story was it? No it was not! Instead I found an amazing disney movie better than big hero 6 even becuase the characters are greater and everything is to love about this film! - Lovefromanothergalaxy

I'm glad black princess came - 23windomt

I love this movie it was so enjoyable when I saw it in theaters plus we got Louis the Alligator and Dr Faciller (I botched that spelling) - Masochismismagic

3 Lady and the Tramp

The movie sounded bland and while I was watching I got really bored but then the spaghetti kiss scene got me back to action and then I watched the full movie and I would not call it the best disney film but one of the cutest ones you can find! - Lovefromanothergalaxy

4 Robin Hood (1973)

I mean I played robin hood in a play so I mean...

People found this as one of the least successful Disney films.
I see why they think that but it was the first Disney film after walt Disney died himself so we can make a pass. - Lovefromanothergalaxy

5 The Jungle Book (2016) The Jungle Book (2016)

Jungle Book movies (other than the not so good Jungle Book 2 movie) were good movies. - DinoLover4242

Better than the original has some great songs and the original but way better - Lovefromanothergalaxy

6 Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers

(more like mousekateers) - mattstat716

7 Alice in Wonderland

A Trippy classic not great but good when I watched this some of the parts were bland and half the time I could not understand the characters exept Alice - Lovefromanothergalaxy

8 Monsters University

I don't really care what people say about this movie, I personally found it to be extremely enjoyable - kempokid

9 Brother Bear
10 The Lion King 1½

The Contenders

11 Pocahontas

One of the best disney films yet why so underrated it has all to offer as a great film? - Lovefromanothergalaxy

12 Bolt
13 Finding Dory

Thought it was stupid but was the opposite. - Lovefromanothergalaxy

Yes another 29292929293929x better than the other movie version of finding the fish in the movie so good and well made I give this 100 million billion trillion out of 100 million billion trillion stars

It was alright. ''Finding Nemo'' was better. - mattstat716

14 Oliver & Company
15 An Extremely Goofy Movie
16 A Goofy Movie
17 Brave

Wow it got a bad review as a pixar film but still a great film on a princess who wants her own life - Lovefromanothergalaxy

This just reeked of awful. It wasn't surprisingly good at all. - mattstat716

18 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty

My fave disney movie I love aurora

Was pretty bland but maleifecent made this film way better - Lovefromanothergalaxy

19 101 Dalmatians (1996)
20 Frozen
21 Zootopia
22 Disney's a Christmas Carol
23 A Bug's Life
24 Coco
25 The Fox and the Hound

I love this movie - Masochismismagic

26 Wreck-It Ralph

I think everyone knew this was gonna be good from the start. - mattstat716

27 The Aristocats
28 Moana
29 Descendants
30 Maleficent
31 Fun and Fancy Free
32 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Loved Emma Watson's performance in this, a perfect Disney princess

33 Adventures in Babysitting
34 Cars 3
35 The Brave Little Toaster
36 Descendants 2
37 Gordy
38 The Great Mouse Detective
39 The Rescuers
40 The Rescuers Down Under
41 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
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