Top Ten Survival Questions

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1 If you had no other choice but to eat your shoe or a worm, what would you eat?

I would eat my candy shoe.

A worm.

Worm. But is there by any chance there is a fire around? - AnonymousChick

Start a fire and cook the worm. I've ate snake how hard could this be? - MrQuaz680

2 Will you travel to a forest or a dessert?

I would go to a dessert and eat it.

A dessert! There's tons of apple pie, peach cobbler, and chocolate lava cakes to pick from...

Just kidding, a forest. I know what you meant... - Turkeyasylum

A forest. There's more variety of resources and things to use to obtain them, and you can do more to cope with the temperature. - PositronWildhawk

Think about it, go to a forest and you will face off against poisonous plants and dangerous animals. Go to a dessert however and you will burn hot. - Chaotixhero

3 If you had a choice of getting something to drink, will you drink a soda or a bottle of water?

I would have water because it would help me survive.

Would you rather drink a sugar sweet soda or a fresh bottle of water? Both sounds delicious but you have to choice only one. - Chaotixhero

Water is better for your body, particularly when malnourished. - PositronWildhawk

I better off drinking water, it makes you more hydrated. - Delgia2k

4 Would you rather get eaten by a bear or a snake?

Both sounds scary but if you're doom, which animal would you rather get eaten by? - Chaotixhero

I would rather get eaten by Bigfoot - kosdff

Bear, it'd be quicker. - Turkeyasylum

5 You found shelter but the person you found is a freak. Would you rather take the shelter or move on

Steal the shelter while they are collecting stuff.

Yay you found shelter but the person that has food, water, and etc. Is a weird guy. Would just roll with it or just travel until you find more shelter. - Chaotixhero

Kill him and take the shelter. It's every man for herself, suckers! - AnonymousChick

Make friends with the freak! I think we'll have much in common. - keycha1n

6 There are two weapons you found. Would you choose the gun or the bow & arrow?

A bow and arrow because I know how to use that.

Bow and arrow. Think about gun, you'll need to know How to control the gun; also, it has magazine/ammo. - Delgia2k

I would choose none and just break them in your face - kosdff

By the way, it's a shotgun. - Chaotixhero

7 Would you bring backup or travel alone?

The answer is obvious to some. - Chaotixhero

I work alone joker - kosdff

8 Would you eat a snake or a lizard?


9 Would you make a treehouse or bring a tent?

I would make a treehouse because it would be good quality.

Treehouse. Tents don't protect you from rain - AnonymousChick

If I'm lost in a forest for a very long time, then treehouse. If I know I can get out in one or two days, then tent, cause I won't have time making treehouses and honestly it will be more of a headache. - Kiteretsunu

Tent I'm too lazy to make a treehouse - kosdff

10 Is traveling okay for you or not so much?

Depends on where. If I have to travel 27 weeks to go to a Halsey concert, I would but if I had to travel 27 weeks to go to the grocery store, I would leave the car.

To me, heck no. - Chaotixhero

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11 Would you rather die or be in the middle of nowhere forever?
12 Would you kill someone for food or get your own food

Steal their food while they are alive.

no I won't

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