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1 Tyson

I enjoyed seeing a different side of Tyson: a more focused and determined man who was willing to do anything to win. He dominated this game from start to finish and only lost control when Hayden was able to convince Ciera to draw rocks which was the only time he was vulnerable to be sent to Redemption Island. Great winner who deserved the million

He won survivor

You are the smartest person on blood vs water

I hope he wins. - Bob332

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2 Ciera

Her game sucked. And she is praised for flipping at 6 when she was in a worse spot than she had not flipped the other way at 7 in the first place. She is a poor womens Candice, a clueless flip flopper without the social skills to ever win a jury vote even if she made the end.

I wish she would of won. True, Tyson was good, but he was honestly annoying and I never liked him. She was smart, brave and in my opinion possibly of top 10 best players to play. If not for sure top 15!

In my opinion she was a better player then Tyson. Her only true mistake was not going against Tyson one vote earlier, but I guess it's better that she hadn't because drawing rocks gave her more publicity and two more chances and probably more to come.

So close with Tyson and Ciera! Hayden was pretty good, too. Going with Ciera.

3 Hayden

Hayden being behind Ciera is a joke.

The 2nd best of this season after Typon.

Only person other than Tyson with a good strategic game.

2nd best player this season Ciera is the most useless player this season. Hayden knew what to do to win but Ciera chose to basically let Tyson win.
Hayden:"Ciera, you can come with a and possibly win or you can go with Tyson and let him win."
Ciera:" Nah, Tyson can win."

4 Gervase

3rd best?!?! What a laugh. The only tiny argument I could see for that is people who subscribe to the theory the 3rd best player is always the 3rd best of their season, even if they were a finals goat, but Monica who finished 2nd is way down from him so even that doesn't fly. He was a bigtime goat, sucked at challenges, really sucked socially, strategically pretty good, but road Tyson's coattails. Nothing impressive. - quackerpacker

Oh Gervase... I really enjoyed watching Gervase return to the game after 13 years, but he did not play the best game this season. I mean this with as much respect as possible to Gervase but he played a woman's game. Although he was actively involved in strategy with Tyson, he played under the radar while Tyson took all the shots for the alliance's moves and blindsides. Playing under the radar is more respected when a woman plays this style and many women have been awarded a million dollars (Tina Wesson, Natalie White, Vecepia Towery, and Sandra Diaz-Twine) however, a jury will more than likely look down on a man who plays under the radar when he is sitting next to another man who played a strong, visible, aggressive strategic game like Tyson.

Since Gervase is one of the original players, & returned after so many years, I hop he wins.

I really wanted him to win what a dumb jury

5 Candice
6 Vytas
7 Tina

I love Tina so much! The original motherly figure who once again proves that she is a strong woman who knows how to play a great game of Survivor. After her early departure in All-Stars, some wondered if her legacy may be tainted however, after such a strong performance in BvW she cements herself as one of the best women to play the game. I hope Katie returns one day too because she was a joy to watch as well.

Tina and her daughter are so intelligent

She is the 2nd oldest female winner ever

8 Aras

He would have won had tyson not been so paranoid about him, even though he voted him out with reason

9 John
10 Caleb

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11 Laura M

She is better than her daughter!

Laura is a beast! I am glad she returned and I hope she makes a third appearance down the road

I absolutely LOVE Laura m! - moonwolf

She should be at the top

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12 Monica

I hate to see Monica so low on this list. I admit that she was annoying because she kept talking about making moves yet she never made the big move against Tyson, but she proved that she was definitely a physical challenge beast. Although she was inspiring, her lacking strategic and social game was tough to watch

Monica is so incredible she should be number 1

The only reason she made the finals is because Tyson brought her also his lapdog

13 Katie

Underrated underedited

So underrated got robbed by the rock draw if Tyson got the purple rock she would've been probaly 3rd place but she deserves to be higher on this list

14 Brad

He should have made it furtherr

15 Marissa

If she gad the chance to actually play she would have made it so far

16 Rupert

This Guy is just awesome! - WellyWonkaToby36

17 Kat

No one wants to date someone who doesn't even make the merge... Touche

18 Rachel
19 Colton
20 Laura B.

I love Laura but just like Rupert she let her heart and emotions destroy her game

21 Heidi
22 Lawon Exum
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