Top 10 Survivor: Cambodia Contestants We Want to Win

The cast for season 31 has been announced, so who do you want to win?

The Top Ten

1 Spencer Bledsoe - Survivor: Cagayan
2 Keith Nale - Survivor: San Juan del Sur
3 Tasha Fox - Survivor: Cagayan
4 Joe Anglim - Survivor: Worlds Apart
5 Vytas Baskauskas - Survivor: Blood vs Water
6 Ciera Eastin - Survivor: Blood vs Water

I wish she did better in Game Changers, she is always one of my favorites to watch.

7 Stephen Fishbach - Survivor: Tocantins
8 Andrew Savage - Survivor: Pearl Islands
9 Woo Hwang - Survivor: Cagayan
10 Jeremy Collins - Survivor: San Juan del Sur

The ACTUAL winner!

The Contenders

11 Kelley Wentworth - Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

She never got to really play the game she wanted due to having to also look out for her dad which led to her downfall, this time she can finally play an individual game she always wanted to play, hopefully she'll win this season.

12 Kelly Wiglesworth- Survivor: Borneo

I'd love to see her, who competed 15 years ago end up beating all the newer people who went after the game developed. - Turkeyasylum

13 Shirin Oskooi - Survivor: Worlds Apart
14 Peih-Gee Law - Survivor: China
15 Jeff Varner - Survivor: The Australian Outback
16 Terry Deitz - Survivor: Panama
17 Monica Padilla - Survivor: Samoa
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