Best Survivor Edge of Extinction Players

The Top Ten Best Survivor Edge of Extinction Players

1 Rick Devens

He played a great game, no doubt, but I don't think he should be number 1 since he was voted out twice in the same season. - Gametoon

Easy vote. He completely took control of the game. - DJTerror

2 Ron Clark

He's like a modern day modern Rob Cesternino. He flipped at all the right times. - Gametoon

3 Chris Underwood

He played good, but he's probably the worst winner since he got voted out in the same season. - Gametoon

4 Wardog DaSilva

Basically took charge of the Manu alliance. He made a good move on the Kama Six and on his former ally, Kelley. - Gametoon

5 Lauren O'Connell

She was really fun to watch and had probably the best mix of social and strategy in the whole season. - Gametoon

6 Gavin Whitson

Good social game. Other than that, I thought he was a really boring player. - Gametoon

He never got voted for!

7 Victoria Baamonde

She flew under the radar a decent time, but when she wasn't, she played a really good game. - Gametoon

8 Aurora McCreary

She sucked. Relied on the other players making moves to get by. - Gametoon

9 Julia Carter

Why is she on the list? She did nothing. - Gametoon

10 Eric Hafemann

He showed potential pre-swap, but we barely saw him. - Gametoon

The Contenders

11 Wendy Diaz
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