Best Survivor Final Boots/Final Jurors


The Top Ten

1 David Wright - 4th place - Millenials vs Gen X David Wright - 4th place - Millenials vs Gen X

Love him so much! Awesome player and awesome little man.

Such a great player.

Dominated this season.

2 Brett Clouser - 4th Place - Survivor: Samoa

Beats Natalie and Russell 9-0-0

Wins if that bitch Shambo did not flip. Either him or maybe Laura.

3 Rafe Judkins - 3rd Place - Survivor: Guatemala

Was playing a near perfect game until his idiotic choices to keep Danni over first Cindy and especialy Lydia. - quackerpacker

4 Rodney Lavoie Jr. - 4th Place - Survivor: Worlds Apart

He was a gigantic douche but in terms of strategy anyway he was by far the best player of this season. He put together and led a large 6 person alliance that never betrayed one another the entire merge, even with his closest ally voted out before that. - quackerpacker

5 Ashley Underwood - 4th Place - Redemption Island Ashley Underwood - 4th Place - Redemption Island

Easily wins if she wins final immunity, votes out Rob, and goes to the end with Phillip and Natalie.

According to the jury themselves she probably wins over Rob too, although I admit I have my doubts. - quackerpacker

6 Erinn Lobdell - 3rd Place - Survivor Tocantins

She was a goat but really played the best game she could have. And she very nearly got in the Final 2 she had the best shot of winning vs unlikeable Stephen, although I think she still loses.

7 Kathy Vavrick O' Brien - 3rd place - Survivor Marquesas

Had the highest chance of winning in the season, but one loss ruined it all. - CloudInvasion

She is such a great player and an amazing women. But most of all her arc on marquesas was the most incredible thing I ever saw. From the outsider of the tribe who was constantly crying and is probably the first boot if they got to tribal, to someone who would have won the game in a blowout had she just won that last immunity. I also respected her on All Stars since unlike Tom, Lex, she looked past how much Rob hurt her and still voted for him to win on merit. - quackerpacker

I love her so much. Neleh and Vecepia Final 2 was disgusting and a bit vile.

8 Keith Nale - 4th Place - San Juan Del Sur
9 Lex van den Berghe - 3rd Place - Survivor Africa Lex van den Berghe - 3rd Place - Survivor Africa

Such a hypocrite. I hate him. Glad Kim didn't take him as he probably wins Survivor if she did.

10 Kelley Wentworth - 4th Place - Cambodia

Overrated all since she found a couple idols.

The Contenders

11 Jenna Lewis - 3rd Place - Survivor All Stars

A lot don't realize this but she likely wins if she wins the final immunity and takes either Rob or Amber to the end. - quackerpacker

12 Cydney Gillon - 4th place - Survivor Kaoh Rong
13 Devon Pinto - 4th Place - Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
14 Amanda Kimmel - 3rd Place - Survivor China
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