Top 10 Survivor: Ghost Island Contestants

The best contestants to compete on the 36th season of Survivor.

The Top Ten

1 Domenick Abbate

Best Socially, strategically, physically robbed thanks again Laurel

Dom is the best player here. Wendell's awesome, but Dom's the king here.

He played the best game out of everyone in this season. - PhoenixAura81


2 Wendell Holland

Wendell and Dom are the kings

He won the whole thing! He and Domenick are the best alliance. - PhoenixAura81

3 Donathan Hurley

He's a very likable (as a person) player even though he didn't do well at the challenges. - PhoenixAura81

Should be #1! Anyone who doesn't vote him is ohompobic

No, anyone who doesn't vote for him just prefers another contestant's game over him. It has nothing to do with his sexuality. - CloudInvasion

4 Michael Yerger

Sexy - iggyjepsen

Awful player. Voted off James due to racism (or at least that is a rumour I heard) over Desiree, losing another Malolo for no reason other than hate, and was constantly on the bottom due to his inabiliy to play the game socially or strategically. Was good at finding idols and decent and challenges, but that was it.

5 Desiree Afuye
6 Libby Vincek
7 Stephanie Johnson

I loved her leggings. - PhoenixAura81


8 Kellyn Bechtold
9 Laurel Johnson

Played a very good and strategic game. Should be higher. - PhoenixAura81

10 Sebastian Noel

The Contenders

11 Angela Perkins
12 Chelsea Townsend
13 James Lim
14 Bradley Shapiro

*Brendan Shapiro - CloudInvasion

15 Jenna Bowman
16 Jacob Derwin
17 Bradley Kleihege
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1. James Lim
2. Jacob Derwin
3. Libby Vincek
1. James Lim
2. Bradley Shapiro
3. Libby Vincek
1. Wendell Holland
2. Michael Yerger
3. Donathan Hurley

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