Best Survivor: Millennials vs Gen x Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Zeke Smith
2 Will Wahl

As the first high school student, he pretty much had no clue how to run the game. Stayed with an alliance, and wanted to have a part, but was overshadowed by David vs. Zeke. Once Will got the chance to blindside Zeke, he did it, and suddenly tried controlling the game, which ended his. Not a great player, but not too bad either. - naFrovivuS

3 David Wright David Wright
4 Chris Hammons
5 Jay Starrett
6 Michelle Schubert
7 Taylor Stocker

Terrible player! Cheated on his pregnant girlfriend and stole half his tribe's food! - naFrovivuS

8 Ken McNickle
9 Jessica Lewis
10 Michaela Bradshaw

The Contenders

11 Adam Klein
12 Bret LaBelle
13 Hannah Shapiro
14 Jessica (Figgy) Figueroa
15 Sunday Burquest
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