Top Ten Greatest Survivor Players Never to Win


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41 Shirin Oskooi

Annoying, poor at challenges, awful social game

42 Peih-Gee Law
43 Jeff Varner

.Very strategic Eliminated everyone who was voted out before him

One of the most strategic plyers ever.

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44 Michael Skupin Michael Skupin Michael David Skupin is an American software publisher and television personality, best known for competing on two different seasons of the reality competition show Survivor.
45 Troyzan Robertson

The only person in his season who actually understood the game besides Kim. One of my favorite players of all time. Hope to see him return.

46 Tasha Fox V 1 Comment
47 Gervase Peterson
48 Rudy Boesch

He's great for the oldest Survivor player. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

49 Alicia Calaway

I will always wave my finger at her. (Seriously)

50 Mike Holloway Mike Holloway

The only good person out of the final seven. Was different than most winners cause he was never on the top

He should not be on this list

Behind Rodney on this list.

1vs 6 fight.
Was a good guy who fought with Shirin. When Shirin got voted off, he took down people like Rodney and won 5 immunity challenges.

Oh, I forgot he won.

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51 Tyson Apostol Tyson Apostol

He did when so he should not be up here.

This is for players who have not won.

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