Top 10 Survivor: Redemption Island Players

The Top Ten
1 Grant Mattos - 8th Place

It is a shame the RI challenge was a stupid one that made no sense. I am pretty sure he is the one who returns from Redemption Island and probably wins the game outright otherwise. Andrea returning was a joke, when Mike, Matt, Grant were the real threats, not Andrea.

Would have won the game easily if Ashley didn't win Final 5 immunity.

Such a nice person!

Rob knew he couldn't beat him which is why he voted him out. Definitely wins against any Ometepe at the end.

2 "Boston" Rob Mariano - Winner

Any monkey could win a season all but rigged for them to win from the start. Even Chet Welch would. Played a pretty good game, but I am not that impressed. The sad thing is he would have still lose if Grant or Ashley had made the end as they both had a good shot of doing with their positions within Rob's alliance, even with the ridiculous amount of advantages he had.

Probst and CBS all but handed Rob a free Survivor win.

He should be number 1

A 4th time player against all newbies? Only a blind idiot would manage to lose this season.

3 Mike Chiesl - 6th Place

He was by far my favorite player this season. Everyone else just sucked on both tribes. Rob is good but he was unbearable personality wise here. - feisty37

Totally ruled Zapatera. Had they made the merge up in numbers he cruises to the win, even more easily than Rob did. Steve, Julie, Ralph, all wanted to go to FTC with him and lose badly.

Amazing player, should be #1. Would have romped to the win much more easily and convincingly than Rob did if Zapatera had 1 more number at the merge instead of Ometepe. - morrislawes

4 Matt Elrod - 7th Place

His long immunity run on Redemption Island was one of the only highlights of this super crappy season of mostly non players catering to Rob, who was handed a ridiculous advantage of being a 4th time player against all newbies.

Way better than Rob, should be over him at least.

He went on to a great acting career. Just all around a stud and winner.

He looks like a muppet.

5 Andrea Boehlke - 5th Place

All versions of Andrea in Survivor are overrated, but her Redemption Island version the most of all. She was a horrible player this season.

She was a useless fluff of a player this season. Caramoan is when the real Andrea was born. - morrislawes

6 Phillip Sheppard - 2nd Place Phillip Sheppard is a United States Army veteran and the chief executive officer of a software company, who is best known for his appearances on the U.S.

Brillian strategist this season. underratesd pwayer. - fartingbum

7 Ashley Underwood - 4th Place

Hottest Survivor ever.

She was way better player than Andrea this season. can't believe she is behind her. - quackerpacker

8 Russell Hantz - 17th Place Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

He sucked this season

He was really like the worst player this season if we ignore his overall legend.

9 Stephanie Valencia - 14th Place

I love her and natalie, and Andrea, and I was sad to see her go out so early. :( - moonwolf

Dumb noisy bitch.

10 David Murphy - 12th Place

Egotistical blowhard. One of the worst players this season, not the 9th best.

He and the beautiful Carolina broke up since she had Alecia Rosa suck him off in some dirty bathroom stall. Gross.

The Contenders
11 Julie Wolfe - 11th Place

Should be over Natalie and Phillip. What she said to Natalie and Phillip during Final Tribal was rihgt, they are pathetic.

Awesome jury speech

12 Steve Wright - 10th Place

He should be given a million for slander due to Phillip's baseless racism claims.

Played a solid and loyal game which would have gotten him further if Matt/Andrea twin idots had flipped as they should have.

13 Francesca Hogi - 18th Place

Should be way higher. Was one of the only strategic players this season. I don't even care that she got voted out, she at least tried to do something unlike others who will rename unnamed who did nothing in 36-39 days in the game.

Tried to do the right thing and take out Rob or Phillip. Unlike the other dummies.

Great player. Taken out by bitter racist players. - feisty37

14 Natalie Tenerelli - 3rd Place

She is underrated so I am voting for her. Not a bad player, she made the finals! Who cares if she was a huge goat, part of strategy fo the game for people who can't win is to play the game to make finals.

She sucks, don't know why she is so high.

Useless goat. - quackerpacker

15 Kristina Kell - 16th Place

Tried to play hard, found idols, tried to vote Rob out, too bad she was around idiots like Natalie, Ashley, and Matt.

Should be way higher. Rob, Francesca, and Kristina were the only 3 players on Ometepe who even had a brain.

16 Krista Klumpp - 15th Place

Poor Natalie White wannabee.

17 Sarita White - 13th Place

The Zapatera alliance were dumb to keep David over her.

I loved her voting confessionals, especialy ripping that arrogant POS Stephanie.

18 Ralph Kiser - 9th Place

I vote Phile to win!

Super funny!

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