Top 10 Survivor: South Pacific Players

One of the most interesting seasons so far deserves a top 10 list, the season was even better with Ozzy and Coach coming back, and now I can't go a day without looking it up on the web.

The Top Ten

1 Ozzy Lusth Ozzy Lusth Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth is a reality star, well known for playing on the his reality show "Survivor." He played in the seasons "Cook Islands," "Micronesia," "South Pacific," and "Game Changers."

Is this a joke. He pretty much was the only good player out there. Coach at number three, stupid. His faith with god for every challenge was pathetic. God knows you love him. But seriously don't worship him so much.

He is clearly the best challenge dominator ever, he won 6 redemption island duels and 2 immunities in South Pacific and 5 the most immunity challenges in one season, (Cook Islands)

Are you serious? He got voted out 3 times in 1 season and lost to an overweight girl.

2 Coach Wade

Ozzy is a terrible player. He got Voted Out 3 times. Coach didn't get voted out at all!

He is the best player ever. Not as good as ozzy but still good

3 Whitney Duncan
4 Edna Ma

I grew to like Edna after a while and she really didn't deserve to go home, especially after Brandon purposefully made sure she didn't get immunity so she would go. I think she stood a big chance of winning if she managed to get rid of Brandon. - UnicornChicken

5 Keith Tollefson
6 Dawn Meehan

Dawn was very confident during this game, like sophie said. She deserves to be on this list. She was a lot better in challenges than you would expect her to be.

7 Jim Rice
8 Rick Nelson
9 Sophie Clark

Hey idiots she won! - q1q1q1q1q1

How is Sophie this low? She was clearly a deserving winner, who played a great logical game. Won challenges when she needed to and even beat ozzy (how is he at number one? He sucks at everything other than challenges) at the end.

10 Albert Destrade

The Contenders

11 Brandon Hantz Brandon Hantz
12 John Cochran John Cochran John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.
13 Christine Shields-Markoski
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