Top Ten Survivor Cagayon Contestants

The Top Ten
1 Alexis

OH MY GOSH! WHY?! WHY?! I had so much hope, but, I really want her to come back, I'm sure she'll do good. I still love you though!

Um... How is she number 1? She was a pre-merge boot and was useless at camp at in challenges.

Sorry, but, mine was first, I'll make sure to check yours out though!

She may be 0% strength, but she is brains and beauty.

2 Spencer

The only male contestant left on brains.

Best one yet and I'm hoping he wins

3 Jerimiah
4 Woo!
5 Sarah

She is the best Survivor player so far

Good cop, bad cop.

6 Tony

He is the best player of all time. Why is alexis first who is alexis?

He has the best llama imitation ever

How is this guy not #1?

7 Tasha

Smart sexy AND a threat in challenges... Plus she's an underdog right now.
Why wouldn't you want her to succeed?

8 LJ

That was such a blindside with cliff!

9 Morgan
10 Kass

Take the 'K' away and you'll get what she really is... yeah, my dad said that...

Gutsy and smart.

The Contenders
11 Jefra
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