Best Survivor Season 41 Players

Well, this is the worst season I’ve ever seen. The cast most likely used their political opinions to vote at the end. Xander was by far the best player, and even though Erika won, she doesn’t get a place on the list. She hardly played a game at all and I’m likely not watching the next season because of the stupidity of the players.
The Top Ten
1 Xander Hastings
2 Ricard Foyé
3 Naseer Muttalif
4 Deshawn Radden
5 Danny McCray
6 Heather Aldret

She's only on the list because she stayed under the radar, even if it's because she wasn't a threat

7 Evvie Jagoda

Hated her all season, but she did manage to take control of her team before the merge

8 Liana Wallace
9 David Voce

I know he was voted off on the second tribal council, but I still don't understand why. He was a good player for the time in which he was in the game

10 Erika Casupanan
The Contenders
11 Eric Abraham

First one voted off, but he was strategic. Unfortunately, people noticed that right away and got rid of him immediately. I'm only putting him on the list because I need 10 people for the list, and this season was a joke and there's no one else that was even a half decent player

12 Shan Smith
13 Jairus Robinson
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