Top Ten Survivors That Should Have Been On Heroes vs Villains

Which survivors should have been on heroes vs villains? Find out!

The Top Ten

1 Jonny Fairplay

The ideal villain to be up against. I really think he shouldn't have been in Micronesia and instead played here. - CloudInvasion

Definitely a villain 10/10 - taekwondo10

2 Richard Hatch Richard Hatch Richard Lawrence Hatch was an American actor, writer and producer. Hatch began his career as a stage actor, before moving on to television work in the 1970s.

He is moot since with his legal troubles he never could have been allowed. He was supposed to be on Redemption Island after this, it was originally Russell vs Richard, not Russell vs Rob, but due to his criminal record he was denied visa.

Heroic do making survivor what it is today 8/10 hero 2/10 villain - taekwondo10

3 Yul Kwon

I think that Yul is probably 9/10 hero

10/10 hero. Did something nobody has ever done. Said something an lived up to it. - taekwondo10

4 Twila Tanner

Did you see her jury management in Vanuatu? - taekwondo10

5 Jenna Morasca
6 Chris Daugherty

I think he really blurs the line between hero and villain. - CloudInvasion

7 Mick Trimming
8 Sierra Reed
9 Ethan Zohn

I don't think he's looking forward to playing anymore because of his cancer. - CloudInvasion

10 Bob Crowley

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? Shii Ann Huang

The Contenders

11 Rob Cesternino

Probably can't play at all because he has a podcast. - CloudInvasion

12 Yau-Man-Chan
13 Corinne Kaplan
14 Eliza Orlins
15 Amber Mariano
16 Bobby Jon Drinkard
17 Rudy Boesch
18 Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia. V 2 Comments
19 Chaos Kass

Her season aired after HvV...

20 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.
21 Cutie Fields
22 Kass McQuillen
23 Katie Gallagher
24 Hayden Moss
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